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iso8859-4(5)							File Formats Manual						      iso8859-4(5)

iso8859-4, ISO8859-4 - A character encoding system (codeset) for Lithuanian and other languages DESCRIPTION
The left hand part of the ISO 8859-4 code table includes the same characters as defined in the ASCII codeset (refer to ascii(5)). The fol- lowing characters occupy the right hand part of the ISO 8859-4 code table: A0 NO-BREAK SPACE A1 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH OGONEK A2 SMALL GREENLANDIC LETTER KRA A3 CAPITAL LETTER R WITH CEDILLA A4 CURRENCY SIGN A5 CAPITAL LETTER I WITH TILDE A6 CAPITAL LETTER L WITH CEDILLA A7 PARAGRAPH SIGN A8 DIAERESIS A9 CAPITAL LETTER S WITH CARON AA CAPITAL LETTER E WITH MACRON AB CAPITAL LETTER G WITH CEDILLA AC CAPITAL LETTER T WITH STROKE AD SOFT HYPHEN AE CAPITAL LETTER Z WITH CARON AF MACRON B0 DEGREE SIGN, RING ABOVE B1 SMALL LETTER a WITH OGONEK B2 OGONEK B3 SMALL LETTER r WITH CEDILLA B4 ACUTE ACCENT B5 SMALL LETTER l WITH TILDE B6 SMALL LETTER l WITH CEDILLA B7 CARON B8 CEDILLA B9 SMALL LETTER s WITH CARON BA SMALL LETTER e WITH MACRON BB SMALL LETTER g WITH CEDILLA ABOVE BC SMALL LETTER t WITH STROKE BD CAPITAL LAPPISH LETTER ENG BE SMALL LETTER z WITH CARON BF SMALL LAPPISH LETTER ENG C0 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH MACRON C1 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTE ACCENT C2 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT C3 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH TILDE C4 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DIAERSIS C5 CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE C6 CAPITAL DIPHTHONG A WITH E C7 CAPITAL LETTER I WITH OGONEK C8 CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CARON C9 CAPITAL LETTER E WITH ACUTE ACCENT CA CAPITAL LETTER E WITH OGONEK CB CAPITAL LETTER E WITH DIAERESIS CC CAPITAL LETTER E WITH DOT ABOVE CD CAPITAL LETTER I WITH ACUTE ACCENT CE CAPITAL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT CF CAPITAL LETTER I WITH CARON D0 CAPITAL LETTER D WITH STROKE D1 CAPITAL LETTER N WITH CEDILLA D2 CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CARON D3 CAPITAL LETTER K WITH CEDILLA D4 CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT D5 CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDE D6 CAPITAL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS D7 MULTIPLICATION SIGN D8 CAPITAL LETTER O WITH OBLIQUE STROKE D9 CAPITAL LETTER U WITH OGONEK DA CAPITAL LETTER U WITH ACUTE ACCENT DB CAPITAL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT DC CAPITAL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS DD CAPITAL LETTER U WITH TILDE DE CAPITAL LETTER U WITH MACRON DF SMALL GERMAN LETTER SHARP s E0 SMALL LETTER a WITH MACRON E1 SMALL LETTER a WITH ACUTE ACCENT E2 SMALL LETTER a WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT E3 SMALL LETTER a WITH TILDE E4 SMALL LETTER a WITH DIAERESIS E5 SMALL LETTER a WITH RING ABOVE E6 SMALL DIPHTHONG a WITH e E7 SMALL LETTER i WITH OGONEK E8 SMALL LETTER c WITH CARON E9 SMALL LETTER e WITH ACUTE ACCENT EA SMALL LETTER e WITH OGONEK EB SMALL LETTER e WITH DIAERESIS EC SMALL LETTER e WITH DOT ABOVE ED SMALL LETTER i WITH ACUTE ACCENT EE SMALL LETTER i WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT EF SMALL LETTER i WITH MACRON F0 SMALL LETTER d WITH STROKE F1 SMALL LETTER n WITH CEDILLA F2 SMALL LETTER n WITH CARON F3 SMALL LETTER o WITH MACRON F4 SMALL LETTER k WITH CEDILLA F5 SMALL LETTER o WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT F6 SMALL LETTER o WITH TILDE F7 DIVISION SIGN F8 SMALL LETTER o WITH OBLIQUE STROKE F9 SMALL LETTER u WITH OGONEK FA SMALL LETTER u WITH ACUTE ACCENT FB SMALL LETTER u WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT FC SMALL LETTER u WITH DIAERESIS FD SMALL LETTER u WITH TILDE FE SMALL LETTER u WITH MACRON FF DOT ABOVE Character Set Designation The graphic characters of ISO 8859-4 constitute a single coded character set. However, when this character set is implemented together with other coding standards, such as ISO 2022 or ISO 4873, the code table of this part of ISO 8859-4 is considered to be the following compo- nents: The character SPACE, represented by the bit combination 20(hex) A 94-character G0 graphic character set, represented by the bit com- binations 21 to 7E(hex) A 96-character G1 graphic character set, represented by the bit combinations A0 to FF(hex) For information on the G0 and G1 character set designations, refer to iso2022(5). When required by other coding standards, for example ISO 2022 or ISO 4873, the following pair of escape sequences are used to designate the G0 and the G1 sets, respectively: ESC 28 42 or ESC ( B ESC 2D 44 or ESC - D According to ISO 2022, the character SPACE does not require designation. Font Support for ISO 8859-4 For 75dpi and 100dpi (dot-per-inch) display devices, the operating system provides the following ISO 8859-4 DECwindows fonts: Arial font family -monotype-arial-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-regu- lar-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-bold-r-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-regular-i-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Arial Narrow font family -monotype-arial narrow-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial narrow-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-arial narrow-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial narrow-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-arial narrow-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial narrow-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-arial narrow-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-arial narrow-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Book Antiqua font family -monotype-book antiqua-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-book antiqua-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-book antiqua-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-book antiqua-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-book antiqua-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-book antiqua-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-book antiqua-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-book antiqua-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Bookman Old Style font family -monotype-bookman old style-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-bookman old style-bold-i-nor- mal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-bookman old style-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-bookman old style-regu- lar-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-bookman old style-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-bookman old style-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-bookman old style-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype- bookman old style-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Century Gothic font family -monotype-century gothic-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-regular-r-nor- mal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-bold-i-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century gothic-regu- lar-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Century Schoolbook font family -monotype-century schoolbook-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century schoolbook-bold-i-nor- mal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century schoolbook-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century schoolbook- regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century schoolbook-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century schoolbook-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-century schoolbook-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -mono- type-century schoolbook-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Courier font family -monotype-courier-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier- regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier-bold-r-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier-bold-i-normal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier-regular-i-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-courier-regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-m-*-iso8859-4 Monotype Corsiva font family -monotype-monotype corsiva-regular-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-monotype corsiva-regular-r-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 Terminal font family -dec-terminal-medium-r-normal--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r- double wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-double wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r-nar- row--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-narrow--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r- wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-wide--*-*-75-75-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r-nor- mal--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r-double wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-double wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r-nar- row--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-narrow--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-medium-r- wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 -dec-terminal-bold-r-wide--*-*-100-100-c-*-iso8859-4 Times New Roman font family -monotype-times new roman-bold-r-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman-bold-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman-regular-i-normal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman-regular-r-nor- mal--*-*-75-75-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman-bold-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman-bold-i- normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman-regular-i-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 -monotype-times new roman- regular-r-normal--*-*-100-100-p-*-iso8859-4 The operating system does not provide PostScript fonts for the ISO 8859-4 codeset. For general information on printing non-English text, refer to i18n_printing(5). Compose-Character Sequences The following table specifies the character elements that produce another character when you use the compose-character input method with a keyboard that supports the ISO 8859-4 character set. Refer to keyboard(5) for general information on the compose-character input method. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sequence Element Sequence Element Resulting Character -------------------------------------------------------------------- plus plus numbersign s bar dollar S bar dollar n d ampersand n D ampersand N d ampersand N D ampersand a a at a A at A A at parenleft parenleft bracketleft slash slash backslash slash less backslash parenright parenright bracketright nonspacing grave space grave parenleft minus braceleft slash nonspacing circumflex bar slash circumflex bar parenright minus braceright nonspacing tilde space tilde a nonspacing tilde a-tilde a tilde a-tilde A nonspacing tilde A-tilde A tilde A-tilde o nonspacing tilde o-tilde o tilde o-tilde O nonspacing tilde O-tilde O tilde O-tilde u nonspacing tilde u-tilde u tilde u-tilde U nonspacing tilde U-tilde U tilde U-tilde i nonspacing tilde i-tilde i tilde i-tilde I nonspacing tilde I-tilde I tilde I-tilde space space nobreakspace nonspacing acute space acute apostrophe apostrophe acute a nonspacing acute a-acute a acute a-acute a apostrophe a-acute A nonspacing acute A-acute A acute A-acute A apostrophe A-acute e nonspacing acute e-acute e acute e-acute e apostrophe e-acute E nonspacing acute E-acute E acute E-acute E apostrophe E-acute i nonspacing acute i-acute i acute i-acute i apostrophe i-acute I nonspacing acute I-acute I acute I-acute I apostrophe I-acute n nonspacing acute n-acute n acute n-acute n apostrophe n-acute N nonspacing acute N-acute N acute N-acute N apostrophe N-acute o nonspacing acute o-acute o acute o-acute o apostrophe o-acute O nonspacing acute O-acute O acute O-acute O apostrophe O-acute u nonspacing acute u-acute u acute u-acute u apostrophe u-acute U nonspacing acute U-acute U acute U-acute U apostrophe U-acute nonspacing circumflex space circumflex a nonspacing circumflex a-circumflex a circumflex a-circumflex A nonspacing circumflex A-circumflex A circumflex A-circumflex i nonspacing circumflex i-circumflex i circumflex i-circumflex I nonspacing circumflex I-circumflex I circumflex I-circumflex o nonspacing circumflex o-circumflex o circumflex o-circumflex O nonspacing circumflex O-circumflex O circumflex O-circumflex u nonspacing circumflex u-circumflex u circumflex u-circumflex U nonspacing circumflex U-circumflex U circumflex U-circumflex nonspacing diaeresis space diaeresis quotedbl space diaeresis a nonspacing diaeresis a-diaeresis a quotedbl a-diaeresis A nonspacing diaeresis A-diaeresis A quotedbl A-diaeresis e nonspacing diaeresis e-diaeresis e quotedbl e-diaeresis E nonspacing diaeresis E-diaeresis E quotedbl E-diaeresis o nonspacing diaeresis o-diaeresis o quotedbl o-diaeresis O nonspacing diaeresis O-diaeresis O quotedbl O-diaeresis u nonspacing diaeresis u-diaeresis u quotedbl u-diaeresis U nonspacing diaeresis U-diaeresis U quotedbl U-diaeresis nonspacing cedilla space cedilla comma comma cedilla g nonspacing cedilla g-cedilla g comma g-cedilla G nonspacing cedilla G-cedilla G comma G-cedilla k nonspacing cedilla k-cedilla k comma k-cedilla K nonspacing cedilla K-cedilla K comma K-cedilla l nonspacing cedilla l-cedilla l comma l-cedilla L nonspacing cedilla L-cedilla L comma L-cedilla n nonspacing cedilla n-cedilla n comma n-cedilla N nonspacing cedilla n-cedilla N comma n-cedilla r nonspacing cedilla r-cedilla r comma r-cedilla R nonspacing cedilla R-cedilla R comma R-cedilla nonspacing caron space caron backslash slash caron v nonspacing circumflex caron v circumflex caron V nonspacing circumflex caron V circumflex caron s nonspacing caron s-caron s v s-caron s V s-caron S nonspacing caron S-caron S v S-caron S V S-caron z nonspacing caron z-caron z v z-caron z V z-caron Z nonspacing caron Z-caron Z v Z-caron Z V Z-caron c nonspacing caron c-caron c v c-caron c V c-caron C nonspacing caron C-caron C v C-caron C V C-caron space nonspacing ring degree asterisk space degree 0 noncpacing circumflex degree 0 circumflex degree a nonspacing ring a-ring a degree a-ring a asterisk a-ring A nonspacing ring A-ring A degree A-ring A asterisk A-ring nonspacing ogonek space ogonek comma greater ogonek a nonspacing ogonek a-ogonek a comma a-ogonek A nonspacing ogonek A-ogonek A comma A-ogonek e nonspacing ogonek e-ogonek e comma e-ogonek E nonspacing ogonek E-ogonek E comma E-ogonek i nonspacing ogonek i-ogonek i comma i-ogonek I nonspacing ogonek I-ogonek I comma I-ogonek nonspacing macron space macron minus nonspacing circumflex macron a macron a-macron a minus a-macron A macron A-macron A minus A-macron e macron e-macron e minus e-macron E macron E-macron E minus E-macron o macron o-macron o minus o-macron O macron O-macron O minus O-macron i macron i-macron i minus i-macron I macron I-macron I minus I-macron t minus t-stroke t slash t-stroke T minus T-stroke T slash T-stroke d minus d-stroke D minus D-stroke a e ae A E AE o slash o-oblique O slash O-oblique n g eng-lappish N G ENG-lappish s s s-sharp s S s-sharp S S s-sharp nonspacing abovedot space abovedot period period abovedot period circumflex abovedot 0 x currency 0 X currency o x currency o X currency O X currency s exclam section S exclam section 0 s section 0 S section o s section o S section O S section minus minus hyphen x x multiply x X multiply X X multiply minus colon division -------------------------------------------------------------------- SEE ALSO
Commands: locale(1) Others: ascii(5), i18n_intro(5), i18n_printing(5), iconv_intro(5), iso2022(5), keyboard(5), l10n_intro(5), Lithuanian(5) iso8859-4(5)
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