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xgrabserver(3x11) [osf1 man page]

XGrabServer(3X11)														 XGrabServer(3X11)

XGrabServer, XUngrabServer - grab the server SYNOPSIS
XGrabServer(display) Display *display; XUngrabServer(display) Display *display; ARGUMENTS
Specifies the connection to the X server. DESCRIPTION
The XGrabServer function disables processing of requests and close downs on all other connections than the one this request arrived on. You should not grab the X server any more than is absolutely necessary. The XUngrabServer function restarts processing of requests and close downs on other connections. You should avoid grabbing the X server as much as possible. SEE ALSO
XGrabButton(3X11), XGrabKey(3X11), XGrabKeyboard(3X11), XGrabPointer(3X11) Xlib -- C Language X Interface XGrabServer(3X11)

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XSetFont(3X11)							  XLIB FUNCTIONS						    XSetFont(3X11)

XSetFont - GC convenience routines SYNTAX
int XSetFont(Display *display, GC gc, Font font); ARGUMENTS
display Specifies the connection to the X server. font Specifies the font. gc Specifies the GC. DESCRIPTION
The XSetFont function sets the current font in the specified GC. XSetFont can generate BadAlloc, BadFont, and BadGC errors. DIAGNOSTICS
BadAlloc The server failed to allocate the requested resource or server memory. BadFont A value for a Font or GContext argument does not name a defined Font. BadGC A value for a GContext argument does not name a defined GContext. SEE ALSO
XCreateGC(3X11), XQueryBestSize(3X11), XSetArcMode(3X11), XSetClipOrigin(3X11), XSetFillStyle(3X11), XSetLineAttributes(3X11), XSet- State(3X11), XSetTile(3X11) Xlib - C Language X Interface XFree86 Version 4.7.0 XSetFont(3X11)
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