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XmTextDisableRedisplay(3X)												XmTextDisableRedisplay(3X)

XmTextDisableRedisplay - A Text function that temporarily prevents visual update of the Text widget SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Text.h> void XmTextDisableRedisplay (widget) Widget widget; DESCRIPTION
XmTextDisableRedisplay prevents redisplay of the specified Text widget even though its visual attributes have been modified. The visual appearance of the widget remains unchanged until XmTextEnableRedisplay is called. This allows an application to make multiple changes to the widget without causing intermediate visual updates. Specifies the Text widget ID SEE ALSO
XmTextEnableRedisplay(3X) XmTextDisableRedisplay(3X)

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XmCreateScrolledText(3X)												  XmCreateScrolledText(3X)

XmCreateScrolledText - The TextScrolledText convenience creation function SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Text.h> Widget XmCreateScrolledText (parent, name, arglist, argcount) Widget parent; String name; ArgList arglist; Cardinal argcount; DESCRIPTION
XmCreateScrolledText creates an instance of a Text widget that is contained within a ScrolledWindow. All ScrolledWindow subarea widgets are automatically created by this function. The ID returned by this function is that of the Text widget. Use this ID for all normal Text operations, as well as those that are relevant for the ScrolledText widget. The Text widget defaults to single-line text edit; therefore, no ScrollBars are displayed. The Text resource XmNeditMode must be set to XmMULTI_LINE_EDIT to display the ScrollBars. The results of placing a Text widget inside a ScrolledWindow when the Text's XmNeditMode is XmSINGLE_LINE_EDIT are undefined. All arguments to either the Text or the ScrolledWindow widget can be specified at creation time using this function. Changes to initial position and size are sent only to the ScrolledWindow widget. Other resources are sent to the Text or the ScrolledWindow widget as appro- priate. This function forces the following initial values for ScrolledWindow resources: XmNscrollingPolicy is set to XmAPPLICATION_DEFINED. XmNvi- sualPolicy is set to XmVARIABLE. XmNscrollBarDisplayPolicy is set to XmSTATIC. XmNshadowThickness is set to 0. To obtain the ID of the ScrolledWindow widget associated with the ScrolledText, use the Xt Intrinsics XtParent function. The name of the ScrolledWindow created by this function is formed by concatenating the letters SW onto the end of the name specified in the parameter list. Specifies the parent widget ID Specifies the name of the created widget Specifies the argument list Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list (arglist) For a complete definition of Text and its associated resources, see XmText(3X). RETURN VALUE
Returns the Text widget ID. SEE ALSO
XmScrolledWindow(3X), XmText(3X) XmCreateScrolledText(3X)
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