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xmstringinitcontext(3x) [osf1 man page]

XmStringInitContext(3X) 												   XmStringInitContext(3X)

XmStringInitContext - A compound string function that allows applications to read out the content segment by segment SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> Boolean XmStringInitContext (context, string) XmStringContext * context; XmString string; DESCRIPTION
XmStringInitContext maintains a context to allow applications to read out the contents of a compound string segment by segment. This func- tion establishes the context for this read out. This context is used when reading subsequent segments out of the string. A Boolean status is returned to indicate if the input string could be parsed. Specifies a pointer to the allocated context Specifies the string. RETURN VALUE
Returns True if the context was allocated SEE ALSO
XmStringCreate(3X) XmStringInitContext(3X)

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XmStringGetNextTriple(library call)									       XmStringGetNextTriple(library call)

XmStringGetNextTriple -- An XmString function that returns the type, length, and value of the next component in the compound string SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> XmStringComponentType XmStringGetNextTriple( XmStringContext context, unsigned int *length, XtPointer *value); DESCRIPTION
XmStringGetNextTriple returns the type, length, and value of the next component in the compound string identified by context. This func- tion returns one component at a time. context Specifies the string context structure that was allocated by the XmStringInitContext function. length Specifies a pointer to the length of the value of the returned component. value Specifies a pointer to the value of the returned component. If the returned value is not NULL, the function allocates space to hold the returned value. When the application no longer needs the returned compound string, the application should call XtFree. RETURN
Returns the type of the component found. Refer to the XmStringComponentType(3) reference page for a list of component types. RELATED
XmDirection(3), XmString(3), XmStringComponentType(3), XmStringGetNextComponent(3), and XmStringPeekNextTriple(3). XmStringGetNextTriple(library call)
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