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xmfontlistentryfree(3x) [osf1 man page]

XmFontListEntryFree(3X) 												   XmFontListEntryFree(3X)

XmFontListEntryFree - A font list function that recovers memory used by a font list entry SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> void XmFontListEntryFree (entry) XmFontListEntry *entry; DESCRIPTION
XmFontListEntryFree recovers memory used by a font list entry. This routine does not free the XFontSet or XFontStruct associated with the font list entry. Specifies the font list entry to be freed SEE ALSO
XmFontList(3X), XmFontListAppendEntry(3X), XmFontListEntryCreate(3X), XmFontListEntryLoad(3X), XmFontListNextEntry(3X), XmFontListRemoveEn- try(3X) XmFontListEntryFree(3X)

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XmFontListAppendEntry(library call)									       XmFontListAppendEntry(library call)

XmFontListAppendEntry -- A font list function that appends an entry to a font list SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> XmFontList XmFontListAppendEntry( XmFontList oldlist, XmFontListEntry entry); DESCRIPTION
XmFontListAppendEntry creates a new font list that contains the contents of oldlist. This function copies the contents of the font list entry being added into this new font list. If oldlist is NULL, XmFontListAppendEntry creates a new font list containing only the single entry specified. This function deallocates the original font list after extracting the required information. The caller must free the font list entry by using XmFontListEntryFree. oldlist Specifies the font list to be added to entry Specifies the font list entry to be added RETURN
If entry is NULL, returns oldlist; otherwise, returns a new font list. RELATED
XmFontList(3), XmFontListEntryCreate(3), XmFontListEntryFree(3), XmFontListEntryLoad(3), XmFontListFree(3), and XmFontListRemoveEntry(3). XmFontListAppendEntry(library call)
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