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dxmsvngetdisplayed(3x) [osf1 man page]

DXmSvnGetDisplayed(3X)													    DXmSvnGetDisplayed(3X)

DXmSvnGetDisplayed - Retrieves (returns) displayed entry numbers and related information necessary to draw a corresponding display. SYNOPSIS
void DXmSvnGetDisplayed( Widget widget, int *entries(), XtPointer *tags(), int *ys(), int len ); PARAMETERS
The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget. A pointer to an array of integers to receive the entry numbers of the entries being dis- played. A pointer to an array of longwords to receive the application's entry_tag value for each entry displayed. If tags are not required, a Null pointer may be passed. A pointer to an array of longwords to receive the y coordinates for each entry displayed. If y coordinates are not required, a Null pointer can be passed. The number of entries allocated in the provided array. DESCRIPTION
The DXmSvnGetDisplayed routine returns information about the entries that the SVN widget is currently displaying. This information can then be used to keep a simultaneous display up to date with the SVN widget window (in the case of a dialog box, for example, which might contain totals for the entries being displayed). The application is responsible for managing the memory used to return this list of entries. As such, note the following: At the minimum, the number of entries in the array should be capable of holding at least the number of entries indicated by the value returned from the DXmSvnGetNumDisplayed routine. If there are more entries in the array than the application will need, the SVN widget will set the value for those extra entries to 0. If the capacity of the arrays passed is less than the number of selected entries, only the number of entries allocated in the provided array (the value for len) will be returned. DXmSvnGetDisplayed(3X)

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DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck(3X)												 DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck(3X)

DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck - Controls whether the DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay routine should be called. SYNOPSIS
int DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck( Widget widget, int x, int y ); PARAMETERS
The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget. An integer that represents the x location of the cursor relative to the upper-left corner of the SVN window. An integer that represents the y location of the cursor relative to the upper-left corner of the SVN window. DESCRIPTION
The DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck routine determines whether the cursor is currently in an area where automatic scrolling (initiated when the user moves an entry outside the window) can occur. This routine returns True if the cursor is in such an area and if there are no entries dis- played in that direction. The application should call the DXmSvnAutoScrollDisplay routine if this routine returns True. Use this routine if your application controls the dragging operations (using the DXmSvnSetApplDragging routine). RETURN VALUES
An integer that indicates whether the DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay routine will be called, as follows: DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay will not be called. DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay will be called. SEE ALSO
DXmSvnSetApplDragging(3X), DXmSvnAutoScrollDisplay(3X) DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck(3X)
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