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dxmloadqueryfont(3x) [osf1 man page]

DXmLoadQueryFont(3X)													      DXmLoadQueryFont(3X)

DXmLoadQueryFont - Loads the font specified by the font name or generates a new font name. SYNOPSIS
XFontStruct *DXmLoadQueryFont( Display *d, char *fontname ); PARAMETERS
The pointer to the display on which the font will be loaded. A pointer to the XLFD font name used to load a font. DESCRIPTION
The DXmLoadQueryFont routine loads the font specified by the font name or, if the font fails to load, generates a new font name, and loads that font instead. RETURN VALUES
A pointer to the XFontStruct of the font (if a font is successfully loaded). If a font cannot be loaded, Null is returned. DXmLoadQueryFont(3X)

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XmFontListCreate(3X)													      XmFontListCreate(3X)

XmFontListCreate - A font list function that creates a font list SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> XmFontList XmFontListCreate (font, charset) XFontStruct * font; XmStringCharSet charset; DESCRIPTION
XmFontListCreate creates a new font list with a single element specified by the provided font and character set. It also allocates the space for the font list. Note This function is obsolete and exists for compatibility with previous releases. It is replaced by XmFontListAppendEntry. Specifies a pointer to a font structure for which the new font list is generated. This is the structure returned by the XLib XLoadQuery- Font function. Specifies the character set identifier for the font. This can be XmSTRING_DEFAULT_CHARSET, but this value does not comply with the AES, and it may be removed in future versions of Motif. If the value is XmSTRING_DEFAULT_CHARSET, the routine derives the charac- ter set from the current language environment. RETURN VALUE
Returns NULL if font or charset is NULL; otherwise, returns a new font list. SEE ALSO
XmFontList(3X), XmFontListAppendEntry(3X) XmFontListCreate(3X)
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