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pcap_close(3pcap) [osf1 man page]


pcap_close - close a capture device or savefile SYNOPSIS
#include <pcap/pcap.h> void pcap_close(pcap_t *p); DESCRIPTION
pcap_close() closes the files associated with p and deallocates resources. SEE ALSO
pcap(3PCAP) 5 April 2008 PCAP_CLOSE(3PCAP)

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pcap_fileno - get the file descriptor for a live capture SYNOPSIS
#include <pcap/pcap.h> int pcap_fileno(pcap_t *p); DESCRIPTION
If p refers to a network device that was opened for a live capture using a combination of pcap_create() and pcap_activate(), or using pcap_open_live(), pcap_fileno() returns the file descriptor from which captured packets are read. If p refers to a ``savefile'' that was opened using functions such as pcap_open_offline() or pcap_fopen_offline(), a ``dead'' pcap_t opened using pcap_open_dead(), or a pcap_t that was created with pcap_create() but that has not yet been activated with pcap_activate(), it returns -1. SEE ALSO
pcap(3PCAP), pcap_create(3PCAP), pcap_activate(3PCAP), pcap_open_live(3PCAP), pcap_open_offline(3PCAP), pcap_fopen_offline(3PCAP), pcap_open_dead(3PCAP) 5 April 2008 PCAP_FILENO(3PCAP)
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