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caca_option(3caca)                                                    libcaca                                                   caca_option(3caca)

caca_option - Option parsing. SYNOPSIS
Data Fields char const * name int has_arg int * flag int val Detailed Description This structure contains commandline parsing information for systems where getopt_long() is unavailable. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libcaca from the source code. Version 0.99.beta18 Fri Apr 6 2012 caca_option(3caca)

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caca_conio_text_info(3caca)					      libcaca					       caca_conio_text_info(3caca)

caca_conio_text_info - DOS text area information. SYNOPSIS
Data Fields unsigned char winleft unsigned char wintop unsigned char winright unsigned char winbottom unsigned char attribute unsigned char normattr unsigned char currmode unsigned char screenheight unsigned char screenwidth unsigned char curx unsigned char cury Detailed Description This structure stores text area information for the DOS conio.h compatibility layer. Field Documentation unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::winleft left window coordinate unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::wintop top window coordinate unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::winright right window coordinate unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::winbottom bottom window coordinate unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::attribute text attribute unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::normattr normal attribute unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::currmode current video mode: BW40, BW80, C40, C80, or C4350 unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::screenheight text screen's height unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::screenwidth text screen's width unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::curx x-coordinate in current window unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::cury y-coordinate in current window Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libcaca from the source code. Version 0.99.beta18 Fri Apr 6 2012 caca_conio_text_info(3caca)
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