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enter_quiet_zone(3) [osf1 man page]

enter_quiet_zone(3)					     Library Functions Manual					       enter_quiet_zone(3)

enter_quiet_zone, exit_quiet_zone - Prevent keyboard interruption of program actions (Enhanced Security) LIBRARY
Security Library - SYNOPSIS
#include <prot.h> void enter_quiet_zone(); #include <prot.h> void exit_quiet_zone(); DESCRIPTION
The function sets the appropriate signals to a state that prevents keyboard interruption of program actions. If this function is called multiple times without an intervening call, nothing is done. If an alarm has been set, the time left to go is saved. The function restores the signals to their previous state. Do not call this function from reentrant code because it uses a static area. A pending alarm clock is restored. The signals that are affected are SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGQUIT, SIGSYS, SIGALRM. RELATED INFORMATION
Security delim off enter_quiet_zone(3)

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sia_timed_action(3)					     Library Functions Manual					       sia_timed_action(3)

sia_timed_action - Time limit routine - SIA (Security Integration Architecture) LIBRARY
Standard C library ( and libc.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <siad.h> int sia_timed_action( int *(action)(), void *params, time_t timeout); PARAMETERS
action() This parameter is a function pointer to the action being timed. params The parameters to the function specified with the action() parameter. timeout The maximum time in seconds allowed for the action. DESCRIPTION
The sia_timed_action() routine provides a way to call a function with a time limit and signal protection. If SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGQUIT, SIGTERM, or SIGALRM is received, sia_timed_action() fails. RETURN VALUES
The sia_timed_action() routine returns SIAFAIL if a SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGQUIT, SIGTERM, or SIGALRM signal is received or if a timeout occurs. Otherwise, the return value from the action() call is returned. ERRORS
The errno value is not (normally) set explicitly by sia_* routines. The errno values are those returned from the dynamic loader interface, from dependent (siad_*) routines, or from malloc. Possible errors include resource constraints (no memory) and various authentication failures. FILES
/etc/passwd /etc/sia/matrix.conf RELATED INFORMATION
sigaction(2), sigprocmask(2), siglongjmp(3), sigsetjmp(3) Security delim off sia_timed_action(3)
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