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curs_beep(3)						     Library Functions Manual						      curs_beep(3)

curs_beep, beep, flash - Curses bell and screen flash routines SYNOPSIS
#include <curses.h> int beep( void ); int flash( void ); LIBRARY
Curses Library (libcurses) STANDARDS
Interfaces documented on this reference page conform to industry standards as follows: beep, flash: XCURSES4.2 Refer to the standards(5) reference page for more information about industry standards and associated tags. DESCRIPTION
The beep and flash routines are used to alert the terminal user. The routine beep sounds the audible alarm on the terminal, if possible. If an audible alarm is not possible, the routine flashes the screen (visible bell), if possible. The routine flash flashes the screen, and if that is not possible, sounds the audible alarm. If neither an audible or visual signal is possible, these routines produce no results. Nearly all terminals have an audible signal (bell or beep), but only some can flash the screen. NOTES
The header file <curses.h> automatically includes the header file <stdio.h>. RETURN VALUES
These routines always return OK. SEE ALSO
Functions: curses(3) Others: standards(5) curs_beep(3)

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curs_beep(3CURSES)					     Curses Library Functions						curs_beep(3CURSES)

curs_beep, beep, flash - curses bell and screen flash routines SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lcurses [ library ... ] #include <curses.h> int beep(void); int flash(void); DESCRIPTION
The beep() and flash() routines are used to signal the terminal user. The routine beep() sounds the audible alarm on the terminal, if pos- sible; if that is not possible, it flashes the screen (visible bell), if that is possible. The routine flash() flashes the screen, and if that is not possible, sounds the audible signal. If neither signal is possible, nothing happens. Nearly all terminals have an audible sig- nal (bell or beep), but only some can flash the screen. RETURN VALUES
These routines always return OK. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |Unsafe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
curses(3CURSES), attributes(5) NOTES
The header <curses.h> automatically includes the headers <stdio.h> and <unctrl.h>. SunOS 5.11 31 Dec 1996 curs_beep(3CURSES)
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