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acl_copy_entry(3) [osf1 man page]

acl_copy_entry(3)					     Library Functions Manual						 acl_copy_entry(3)

acl_copy_entry - Copies an ACL entry LIBRARY
Security Library (libpacl.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/acl.h> int acl_copy_entry( acl_entry_t src_d, acl_entry_t dest_d); PARAMETERS
Specifies the working storage internal representation ACL entry to copy. Specifies the location to copy the working storage internal rep- resentation ACL entry to. DESCRIPTION
NOTE: This function is based on Draft 13 of the POSIX P1003.6 standard. The acl_copy_entry() function copies the contents of the individual ACL entry indicated by the src_d parameter to the individual ACL entry indicated by the dest_d parameter. Any ACL descriptor referring to the ACL entries in either parameter will still refer to the same ACL entries. This function overwrites the contents of the ACL entry indicated by the dest_d parameter. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, the acl_copy_entry() function returns a value of 0 (zero). Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned, and errno is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
If the following condition occurs, the acl_copy_entry() function sets errno to the corresponding value: The src_d parameter or the dest_d parameter does not refer to a valid ACL entry. RELATED INFORMATION
acl_create_entry(3), acl_get_entry(3) Security delim off acl_copy_entry(3)

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ACL_COPY_ENTRY(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					 ACL_COPY_ENTRY(3)

acl_copy_entry -- copy an ACL entry LIBRARY
Linux Access Control Lists library (libacl, -lacl). SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/acl.h> int acl_copy_entry(acl_entry_t dest_d, acl_entry_t src_d); DESCRIPTION
The acl_copy_entry() function copies the contents of the ACL entry indicated by the src_d descriptor to the existing ACL entry indicated by the dest_d descriptor. The src_d and dest_d descriptors may refer to entries in different ACLs. RETURN VALUE
The acl_copy_entry() function returns the value 0 if successful; otherwise the value -1 is returned and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
If any of the following conditions occur, the acl_copy_entry() function returns -1 and sets errno to the corresponding value: [EINVAL] The argument src_d or dest_d is not a valid descriptor for an ACL entry. The arguments src_d and dest_d reference the same ACL entry. STANDARDS
IEEE Std 1003.1e draft 17 ("POSIX.1e", abandoned) SEE ALSO
acl_get_entry(3), acl(5) AUTHOR
Derived from the FreeBSD manual pages written by Robert N M Watson <>, and adapted for Linux by Andreas Gruenbacher <>. Linux ACL March 23, 2002 Linux ACL
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