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__sia_isagroup(3) [osf1 man page]

__sia_isagroup(3)					     Library Functions Manual						 __sia_isagroup(3)

__sia_isagroup, _sia_isagroup - checks a list of known groups to determine if a given group already exists - SIA (Security Integration Architecture) LIBRARY
Standard C library ( and libc.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <sia.h> #include <siad.h> int __sia_isagroup( gid_t group gid_t *list int ngroups) PARAMETERS
Group ID to check for membership in the list. Array of group IDs that is already known. Number if elements in list to scan. DESCRIPTION
__sia_isagroup is a utility routine for the sia_get_groups() routines to determine whether a given group is already in the known list of groups. RETURN VALUES
This routine returns a 1 if the group is already in the list and a zero if it is not. FILES
/etc/sia/matrix.conf RELATED INFORMATION
getgrent(3), matrix.conf(4), initgroups(3), siad_get_groups(3) _sia_isagroup(3) Security delim off __sia_isagroup(3)

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initgroups(3)						     Library Functions Manual						     initgroups(3)

initgroups - Initializes concurrent group set LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc.a) SYNOPSIS
int initgroups ( char *user, gid_t base_gid ); PARAMETERS
Specifies the user whose groups are to be used to initialize the group set. Specifies an additional group to include in the group set. DESCRIPTION
The initgroups() function reads the defined group membership of the specified user and sets the concurrent group set of the current process to that value. The base_gid parameter is always included in the concurrent group set, and is normally the principal user's group. If the user is in more than NGROUPS_MAX groups, only NGROUPS_MAX groups are set, including the base_gid group. CAUTION
The initgroups() function uses the sia_get_groups() function to set up the group array. If the program that invokes initgroups() uses any of these functions, then calling initgroups() overwrites the static group structure. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, the initgroups() function returns 0 (zero). If the initgroups() function fails, 1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
If the initgroups() function fails, errno may be set to the following value: The calling process does not have the appropriate privilege in its current effective privilege set. RELATED INFORMATION
Functions: getgroups(2), setgroups(2), getgid(2) sia_get_groups(3) Commands: groups(1) delim off initgroups(3)
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