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kb_indicator(1x) [osf1 man page]

kb_indicator(1X)														  kb_indicator(1X)

kb_indicator - Controls the compose (kana) LED during an X session SYNOPSIS
kb_indicator DESCRIPTION
The kb_indicator application is part of the support for the Kana-Kanji conversion input method used for Japanese characters. This applica- tion is available only if the optional Tru64 UNIX subsets that support Japanese are installed on your system. The kb_indicator application lights and turns off the compose LED according to the Kana status. The application controls the LED only when mode switching is active or when you are using a keyboard setting that allows Kana input. The LED lights when you toggle into Kana input mode and turns off when you toggle out of Kana mode. SEE ALSO
Commands: xmodmap(1X) Others: Japanese(5) kb_indicator(1X)

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kkcd(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   kkcd(8)

kkcd - Daemon that supports the Kana-Kanji conversion service SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/kkcd user-id group-id kkc-db OPERANDS
Identifies the user being served by the daemon. Specifies the group to which the user belongs. Specifies the location of data needed for Kana-Kanji conversion. DESCRIPTION
The kkcd daemon supports Kana-Kanji conversion for the Japanese language and is available only when Japanese support subsets are installed on the system. The daemon converts an English or Kana string to one or more different Kanji strings and runs only when the Kana-Kanji con- version capability of the atty terminal driver is activated. The utx pseudo device driver acts as an communication channel between the atty terminal driver and the kkcd daemon. The ikk parameter of the stty command spawns the kkcd and utx daemons (see stty(1)). The stty command also includes parameters for setting terminal line discipline, modes, input key sequences, and keymap data for Kana-Kanji conversion. FILES
The utx device special files SEE ALSO
Commands: stty(1), utxd(8) Files: atty(7), cp_dirs(4), utx(7) Others: Japanese(5), kkc(5) kkcd(8)
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