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pset_info(1)						      General Commands Manual						      pset_info(1)

pset_info - Displays processor set information SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/pset_info DESCRIPTION
The pset_info command displays information about processor sets and the processors that are assigned to each set. Note that a stopped pro- cessor is not a member of any processor set, and its processor set identification number is specified as -1. Also, depending on the machine architecture, processors may not be numbered consecutively. That is, a four-processor system may not have a processor with the number 3. NOTES
If a processor or processor set is queried while it is in transition (for example, processor set destruction or processor assignment), an error may be returned from the kernel. Running the command a second time will result in normal behavior. EXAMPLES
The following is an example of the output of the pset_info command: number of processor sets on system = 2 pset_id # cpus # pids # threads load_av created 0 1 26 63 0.90 09/21/1994 17:48:42 6 1 1 4 0.21 09/21/1994 23:33:37 total number of processors on system = 3 cpu # running boot_cpu pset_id assigned_to_pset 0 1 1 0 09/21/1994 17:48:42 1 1 0 6 09/21/1994 23:34:06 2 0 0 -1 09/21/1994 17:48:42 SEE ALSO
Commands: pset_assign_cpu(1), pset_assign_pid(1), pset_create(1), psradm(8) Files: processor_sets(4) pset_info(1)

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pset_assign_cpu(1)					      General Commands Manual						pset_assign_cpu(1)

pset_assign_cpu - Assigns a processor to a processor set SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/pset_assign_cpu pset_id processor [processor...] /usr/sbin/pset_assign_cpu -a pset_id number OPTIONS
Adds the specified number of processors (number) to the specified processor set (pset_id) from the default processor set. DESCRIPTION
The pset_assign_cpu command assigns one or more processors to an existing processor set. The pset_id variable is a unique integer that identifies the processor set and is returned by the pset_create command. The processor variable is a unique integer that identifies the processor. Each processor that is assigned to an existing processor set is removed from its current processor set. The boot processor cannot be assigned. Processor assignments are logged in the /var/adm/wtmp file. FILES
Commands: pset_destroy(1), pset_create(1), pset_assign_pid(1), pset_info(1) Files: processor_sets(4) pset_assign_cpu(1)
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