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coco(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   coco(1)

coco - code converter for any of Mule's code SYNOPSIS
coco [-hlvq] [[INCODE] OUTCODE] < infile > outfile OPTIONS
Print help message. List all valid INCODE and OUTCODE. Print verbose information about conversion. Just investigate a coding-system of infile Indicate coding-system of infile, defaults to *autoconv*, which means coding-system of infile is detected automatically. Indicate coding-system of outfile, defaults to *internal*. DESCRIPTION
coco runs as a filter for code conversion among any coding-systems which mule can handle. MISC
coco uses two data files, CHARSETS and CODINGS. These are created while installing mule. So, the priority of coding-systems handled by coco is the same priority applied by mule. FILES
A file which contains information of character sets and fonts. A file which contains information of coding-systems and priorities. SEE ALSO
mule(1) AUTHORS
This program was written by Ken'ichi HANDA of Electrotechnical Laboratory, JAPAN. coco(1)

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any2ps(1)						      General Commands Manual							 any2ps(1)

any2ps - Converts a file to mule internal code and then to PostScript format SYNOPSIS
any2ps [-in coding_system] [m2ps_options] < infile > outfile OPTIONS
Specifies the coding system (in the input file) that needs to be converted to mule *internal* code. By default, the input file is assumed to be in mule *internal* code, which means that code conversion is not done. Specifies one or more options passed by any2ps to the m2ps program. Refer to m2ps(1) for a description of these options. OPERANDS
Specifies the input file to be converted to *internal* code. Specifies the output PostScript file. DESCRIPTION
The any2ps command is an alternative to running the coco and m2ps programs separately. Like the programs that it invokes, any2ps is derived from software supplied by the Free Software Foundation. The any2ps program performs the following operations: Invokes coco to convert the input file from the specified coding system to Mule internal code (called *internal* code) Passes the converted result, along with the specified m2ps options, to m2ps for processing The m2ps program then generates the PostScript program file to be printed. SEE ALSO
Commands: coco(1), m2ps(1), mule(1) any2ps(1)
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