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SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover(5)	    Sun Cluster Miscellaneous	       SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover(5)

       SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover, Proxy_SMF_failover - resource type for proxying failover SMF ser-

       The SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover resource type represents the proxy  for  failover  of  Service
       Management Facility (SMF) services.

       Standard  properties  and  extension  properties  that  are defined for the SUNW.proxysmf-
       failover resource type are described in the following subsections. To set these properties
       for  an	instance of the SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover resource type, use the clresource command

   Standard Properties
       See r_properties(5) for a description of the following resource properties.


	   Default: 3600

	   Minimum: 60


	   Default: 3600

	   Minimum: 60


	   Default: 3600

	   Minimum: 60


	   Default: 3600

	   Minimum: 60


	   Default: 3600

	   Minimum: 60


	   Default: 3600

	   Minimum: 60


	   Default: SOFT

	   Tunable: Anytime


	   Default: ""

	   Tunable: Anytime


	   Default: 2

	   Minimum: 0

	   Maximum: 2

	   Tunable: Anytime


	   Default: 300

	   Tunable: Anytime


	   Default: 60

	   Tunable: Anytime

   Extension Properties

	   Includes  information about the SMF services to  be	proxied  by  the  resource.   Its
	   value is the path to a file that contains all the proxied SMF  services.  Each line in
	   the file is dedicated to one SMF service and  specifies svc fmri and the path  to  the
	   corresponding  service  manifest  file.  For example,if the resource has to manage two
	   services, restarter_svc_test_1:default  and	 restarter_svc_test_2:default,	the  file
	   should include the following  two lines:



	   Note -

	     The entries above should each appear on a single line. They are broken into multiple
	     lines here for legibility.
	   Default: ""

	   Tunable: When disabled

       This example shows how to register the SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover  resource  type,	create	a
       resource  group	for the application, create the failover application resource, manage the
       resource group, and enable a resource.

       Register the resource type:

	 # clresourcetype -f <path-to-rtrfile> SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover

       Create a resource group called rg1 for the application :

	 # clresourcegroup create rg1

       Create the failover application resource called myfailoverres:

	 # clresource create -t SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover -g rg1 -x proxied_service_instances="/usr/local/app/svc myfailoverres"

       where /usr/local/app/svc is a text file.

       Manage the resource group rg1:

	 # clresourcegroup manage rg1

       Enable the myfailoverres resource:

	 # clresource enable myfailoverres

       Use the following command to check the status of the application:

	 # clresource status

       pmfadm(1M),  scha_resource_get(1HA),  clresourcetype(1CL),  clresource(1CL),   clresource-
       group(1CL), attributes(5), r_properties(5)

       Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Sun Cluster 3.2 			  15 March 2006 	       SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover(5)
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