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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for pipelog.conf (opensolaris section 4)

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pipelog.conf(4) 			   File Formats 			  pipelog.conf(4)

       pipelog.conf  - pipelog configuration for libpipelog.so of the plugins of gnome-system-log


       The libpipelog.so is a plugin for gnome-system-log(1), it runs commands through
	pipes and get the output of the individual pipe as a log content. Users can
	copy the file into $HOME/.gnome2/gnome-system-log/plugins/`uname -p` to
	overwrite the system default one.

       The syntax of pipelog.conf file is:
	    <log path><whitespace><command>

       <command> may be a simple program name (which will be found in $PATH) or an absolute  path
       of  a binary with arguments list. "%s" can be included in <command> zero or one time, will
       be replaced by <log path> in runtime.

	      The system default configuration file for the plugin libpipelog.so

       $HOME/.gnome2/gnome-system-log/plugins/`uname -p`/pipelog.conf
	      The user specific configuration file for the plugin libpipelog.so

       /var/adm/wtmpx  last
       /var/adm/utmpx  /bin/last -f %s

       gnome-system-log(1), grablogs.conf(4)

gnome-utils 2.16.0			   13 Oct 2006				  pipelog.conf(4)
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