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ds.log(4)				   File Formats 				ds.log(4)

       ds.log - Availability Suite data services log file

       The  /var/adm/ds.log  file  contains the Availability Suite data services command log. The
       administration commands log activities to the file in the format:

	 date time product: message

       Note  that  when  the  size  of	the  log  file	exceeds  10  Mbytes,  ds.log  is  renamed
       /var/adm/ds.log.bak  and a new /var/adm/ds.log file is created.

       The ds.log fields are:


	   The	date  format is mmm nn, where mmm  is  the local three-character abbreviation for
	   the month and nn is the day of the month on which the event occurred.


	   The time of the event, in hh:mm:ss format.


	   A product code that identifies which component  of  the  data  services  produced  the
	   event. The code is separated from the message that follows by a colon (:) and a space.


	   A  message  that  can  extend  over	 more	than  one  line describing the event that
	   occurred. The second or following lines are not prefixed  by   the	date,  time,  and
	   product code strings.

       The example below shows sample ds.log file content:

	 Jan 25 05:26:17 ii: iiboot suspend cluster tag <none>
	 Jan 25 05:32:02 ii: iiboot resume cluster tag <none>
	 Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/bigmaster
	 Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/bigshadow
	 Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/mstvxfs
	 Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/master01

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |   ATTRIBUTE TYPE    |			   ATTRIBUTE VALUE		       |
       |Architecture	     | x86						       |
       |Availability	     | SUNWscmu 					       |
       |Interface Stability  | Committed					       |

       iiadm(1M), sndradm(1M), svadm(1M), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.11				   08 Jun 2007					ds.log(4)
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