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ds.log(4) [opensolaris man page]

ds.log(4)							   File Formats 							 ds.log(4)

ds.log - Availability Suite data services log file DESCRIPTION
The /var/adm/ds.log file contains the Availability Suite data services command log. The administration commands log activities to the file in the format: date time product: message Note that when the size of the log file exceeds 10 Mbytes, ds.log is renamed /var/adm/ds.log.bak and a new /var/adm/ds.log file is cre- ated. The ds.log fields are: date The date format is mmm nn, where mmm is the local three-character abbreviation for the month and nn is the day of the month on which the event occurred. time The time of the event, in hh:mm:ss format. product A product code that identifies which component of the data services produced the event. The code is separated from the message that follows by a colon (:) and a space. message A message that can extend over more than one line describing the event that occurred. The second or following lines are not pre- fixed by the date, time, and product code strings. EXAMPLES
The example below shows sample ds.log file content: Jan 25 05:26:17 ii: iiboot suspend cluster tag <none> Jan 25 05:32:02 ii: iiboot resume cluster tag <none> Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/bigmaster Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/bigshadow Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/mstvxfs Jan 25 05:32:04 sv: svboot: resume /dev/vx/rdsk/master01 ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +---------------------+---------------------------------------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +---------------------+---------------------------------------------------------+ |Architecture | x86 | +---------------------+---------------------------------------------------------+ |Availability | SUNWscmu | +---------------------+---------------------------------------------------------+ |Interface Stability | Committed | +---------------------+---------------------------------------------------------+ SEE ALSO
iiadm(1M), sndradm(1M), svadm(1M), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 08 Jun 2007 ds.log(4)

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strerr(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 strerr(8)

strerr - Receives error messages from the STREAMS log driver SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/strerr [-a sys_admin_mail_name] [-d logdir] PARAMETERS
Specifies the mail name of the user to receive the message via mail. This is the system administrator by default. Specifies the directory to contain the error log file. This is /var/adm/streams by default. DESCRIPTION
The strerr daemon receives error messages from the STREAMS log driver (strlog) for addition to the STREAMS error log files ( in the STREAMS error logger directory (/var/adm/streams by default). When first called, the strerr daemon creates the log file This is a daily log file, where mm indicates the month and dd indicates the day of the logged messages. The strerr daemon then appends each error message that it subsequently receives from the STREAMS log driver to the log file. STREAMS error log messages have the following format: seq_num std_time ticks_time flags mod_ID sub_ID msg_text where: The error sequence number. The time the message was sent, in the format hh:mm:ss. The time the message was sent, measured in machine ticks since the last boot. Can be any of the following indicators: Indicates that the message has also been saved in the process's trace log. Indi- cates that the message signaled a fatal error. Indicates that the message is to be sent to the system administrator or specified user via mail. The module identification number of the trace message source. The subidentification number of the trace message source. The trace message text. The strerr daemon will run continuously until terminated by the user. FILES
The error log file or files on which strerr operates. NOTES
Only one strerr process can open the STREAMS log driver at a time. This restriction is intended to maximize performance. The STREAMS error logging mechanism works best when it is not overused. The strerr daemon can degrade STREAMS performance by affecting the response, throughput, and other behaviors of the drivers and modules that invoke it. The daemon will also fail to capture messages if drivers and modules generate messages at a higher rate than its optimum read rate. Missing sequence numbers among the messages in a log file indicate that messages have been lost. RELATED INFORMATION
Interfaces: strlog(7). delim off strerr(8)

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