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la_preinit(3ext) [opensolaris man page]

rtld_audit(3EXT)					    Extended Library Functions						  rtld_audit(3EXT)

rtld_audit, la_activity, la_i86_pltenter, la_objsearch, la_objopen, la_objfilter, la_pltexit, la_pltexit64, la_preinit, la_sparcv8_pltenter, la_sparcv9_pltenter, la_amd64_pltenter, la_symbind32, la_symbind64, la_version - runtime linker auditing functions SYNOPSIS
void la_activity(uintptr_t *cookie, uint_t flag); uintptr_t la_i86_pltenter(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, La_i86_regs *regs, uint_t *flags); char *la_objsearch(const char *name, uintptr_t *cookie, uint_t flag); uint_t la_objopen(Link_map *lmp, Lmid_t lmid, uintptr_t *cookie); int la_objfilter(uintptr_t *fltrcook, uintptr_t *fltecook, uint_t *flags); uintptr_t la_pltexit(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, uintptr_t retval); uintptr_t la_pltexit64(Elf64_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, uintptr_t retval, const char *sym_name); void la_preinit(uintptr_t *cookie); uintptr_t la_sparcv8_pltenter(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, La_amd64_regs *regs, uint_t *flags); uintptr_t la_sparcv9_pltenter(Elf64_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, La_sparcv8_regs *regs, uint_t *flags, const char *sym_name); uintptr_t la_amd64_pltenter(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, La_sparcv8_regs *regs, uint_t *flags, const char *sym_name); uintptr_t la_symbind32(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook, uint_t *flags); uintptr_t la_symbind64(Elf64_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx, uintptr_t *refcook,uintptr_t *defcook, uint_t *flags, const char *sym_name); uint_t la_version(uint_t version); DESCRIPTION
A runtime linker auditing library is a user-created shared object offering one or more of these interfaces. The runtime linker, calls these interfaces during process execution. See the Linker and Libraries Guide for a full description of the link auditing mechanism. SEE ALSO Linker and Libraries Guide SunOS 5.11 6 Oct 2004 rtld_audit(3EXT)

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