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vwait(n)			      Tcl Built-In Commands				 vwait(n)


       vwait - Process events until a variable is written

       vwait varName

       This  command  enters the Tcl event loop to process events, blocking the application if no
       events are ready.  It continues processing events until some event handler sets the  value
       of  variable varName.  Once varName has been set, the vwait command will return as soon as
       the event handler that modified varName completes.  varName must globally  scoped  (either
       with a call to global for the varName, or with the full namespace path specification).

       In some cases the vwait command may not return immediately after varName is set.  This can
       happen if the event handler that sets varName does not complete immediately.  For example,
       if an event handler sets varName and then itself calls vwait to wait for a different vari-
       able, then it may not return for a long time.  During this time	the  top-level	vwait  is
       blocked waiting for the event handler to complete, so it cannot return either.


       event, variable, wait

Tcl					       8.0					 vwait(n)
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