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split(n)			      Tcl Built-In Commands				 split(n)


       split - Split a string into a proper Tcl list

       split string ?splitChars?

       Returns	a  list  created  by splitting string at each character that is in the splitChars
       argument.  Each element of the result list will consist of the characters from string that
       lie between instances of the characters in splitChars.  Empty list elements will be gener-
       ated if string contains adjacent characters in splitChars, or if the first or last charac-
       ter  of	string is in splitChars.  If splitChars is an empty string then each character of
       string becomes a separate element of the result list.  SplitChars defaults to the standard
       white-space characters.	For example,
	      split "comp.unix.misc" .
       returns "comp unix misc" and
	      split "Hello world" {}
       returns "H e l l o { } w o r l d".

       join(n), list(n), string(n)

       list, split, string

Tcl											 split(n)
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