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pid(n)				      Tcl Built-In Commands				   pid(n)


       pid - Retrieve process id(s)

       pid ?fileId?

       If  the	fileId argument is given then it should normally refer to a process pipeline cre-
       ated with the open command.  In this case the pid command will return a	list  whose  ele-
       ments  are  the	process  identifiers of all the processes in the pipeline, in order.  The
       list will be empty if fileId refers to an open file that isn't a process pipeline.  If  no
       fileId  argument  is given then pid returns the process identifier of the current process.
       All process identifiers are returned as decimal strings.

       exec(n), open(n)

       file, pipeline, process identifier

Tcl					       7.0					   pid(n)
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