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join(n) 						       Tcl Built-In Commands							   join(n)


join - Create a string by joining together list elements SYNOPSIS
join list ?joinString? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The list argument must be a valid Tcl list. This command returns the string formed by joining all of the elements of list together with joinString separating each adjacent pair of elements. The joinString argument defaults to a space character. SEE ALSO
list(n), lappend(n) KEYWORDS
element, join, list, separator Tcl join(n)

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lreplace(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands						       lreplace(n)


lreplace - Replace elements in a list with new elements SYNOPSIS
lreplace list first last ?element element ...? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
lreplace returns a new list formed by replacing one or more elements of list with the element arguments. first and last specify the first and last index of the range of elements to replace. 0 refers to the first element of the list, and end (or any abbreviation of it) may be used to refer to the last element of the list. If list is empty, then first and last are ignored. If first is less than zero, it is considered to refer to the first element of the list. For non-empty lists, the element indicated by first must exist. If last is less than zero but greater than first, then any specified elements will be prepended to the list. If last is less than first then no elements are deleted; the new elements are simply inserted before first. The element arguments specify zero or more new arguments to be added to the list in place of those that were deleted. Each element argu- ment will become a separate element of the list. If no element arguments are specified, then the elements between first and last are sim- ply deleted. If list is empty, any element arguments are added to the end of the list. SEE ALSO
list(n), lappend(n), lindex(n), linsert(n), llength(n), lsearch(n), lset(n), lrange(n), lsort(n) | KEYWORDS
element, list, replace Tcl 7.4 lreplace(n)
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