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fblocked(n)			      Tcl Built-In Commands			      fblocked(n)


       fblocked - Test whether the last input operation exhausted all available input

       fblocked channelId

       The  fblocked  command  returns 1 if the most recent input operation on channelId returned
       less information than requested because all available input was exhausted.   For  example,
       if gets is invoked when there are only three characters available for input and no end-of-
       line sequence, gets returns an empty string and a subsequent call to fblocked will  return

       ChannelId must be an identifier for an open channel such as a Tcl standard channel (stdin, |
       stdout, or stderr), the return value from an invocation of open or socket, or  the  result |
       of a channel creation command provided by a Tcl extension.

       gets(n), open(n), read(n), Tcl_StandardChannels(3)

       blocking, nonblocking

Tcl					       7.5				      fblocked(n)
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