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break(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							  break(n)


break - Abort looping command SYNOPSIS
break _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command is typically invoked inside the body of a looping command such as for or foreach or while. It returns a TCL_BREAK code, which causes a break exception to occur. The exception causes the current script to be aborted out to the innermost containing loop command, which then aborts its execution and returns normally. Break exceptions are also handled in a few other situations, such as the catch com- mand, Tk event bindings, and the outermost scripts of procedure bodies. SEE ALSO
catch(n), continue(n), for(n), foreach(n), while(n) KEYWORDS
abort, break, loop Tcl break(n)

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for(n)							       Tcl Built-In Commands							    for(n)


for - ``For'' loop SYNOPSIS
for start test next body _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
For is a looping command, similar in structure to the C for statement. The start, next, and body arguments must be Tcl command strings, and test is an expression string. The for command first invokes the Tcl interpreter to execute start. Then it repeatedly evaluates test as an expression; if the result is non-zero it invokes the Tcl interpreter on body, then invokes the Tcl interpreter on next, then repeats the loop. The command terminates when test evaluates to 0. If a continue command is invoked within body then any remaining commands in the current execution of body are skipped; processing continues by invoking the Tcl interpreter on next, then evaluating test, and so on. If a break command is invoked within body or next, then the for command will return immediately. The operation of break and continue are similar to the corresponding statements in C. For returns an empty string. Note: test should almost always be enclosed in braces. If not, variable substitutions will be made before the for command starts execut- ing, which means that variable changes made by the loop body will not be considered in the expression. This is likely to result in an infinite loop. If test is enclosed in braces, variable substitutions are delayed until the expression is evaluated (before each loop iter- ation), so changes in the variables will be visible. For an example, try the following script with and without the braces around $x<10: for {set x 0} {$x<10} {incr x} { puts "x is $x" } SEE ALSO
break, continue, foreach, while KEYWORDS
for, iteration, looping Tcl for(n)
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