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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for ypxfr (opendarwin section 8)

YPXFR(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				 YPXFR(8)

     ypxfr -- get a YP map from YP server

     ypxfr [-bcf] [-d domain] [-h host] [-s domain] [-C tid prog ipadd port] mapname

     ypxfr is the utiliy in YP that transfers maps to the local host.

     Since the YP master transfers a map when it has changed, an YP slave should check for missed
     maps regulary. This can be done via an entry in crontab(5).  The scripts ypxfr_1perhour,
     ypxfr_2perday and ypxfr_1perday could be used for that.

     The options are as follows:

     -b      Preserve the entry in the database informing a YP server to use DNS to get informa-
	     tion about unknown hosts. This option will only have effect on the two maps
	     hosts.byname and hosts.byaddr.

     -c      Don't send a "Clear current map" to local ypserv process. Useful if ypserv isn't
	     running localy to avoid timeout message.

     -f      Force map transfer, even if version of master is older than local copy.

     -d domain
	     Don't use default domain, use the specifiyed domain.

     -h host
	     Get map from host insteed of the maps master host.

     -s domain
	     Specify a source domain other than the target domain.

     -C tid prog ipadd port
	     This option is only used by ypserv. This is to open communication with an yppush on
	     another host.


     yp(8), yppush(8), ypserv(8)

     Mats O Jansson <moj@stacken.kth.se>

BSD					 August 18, 1994				      BSD

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