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SNMP-UPS(8)							    NUT Manual							       SNMP-UPS(8)

snmp-ups - Multi-MIB Driver for SNMP UPS equipment NOTE
This man page only documents the hardware-specific features of the snmp-ups driver. For information about the core driver, see nutupsdrv(8). SUPPORTED HARDWARE
The snmp-ups driver automatically detects and supports a wide range of devices by loading various MIBS: ietf:: UPS that is RFC 1628 (UPS MIB) compliant, e.g. MGE UPS SYSTEMS, Liebert, perhaps others (default) mge MGE UPS SYSTEMS and MGE Office Protection Systems devices with SNMP cards (ref 66062, 66045, 66074 and 66244) apcc APC AP9605, AP9606, AP9617, and AP9618 APC network management cards, as well as any others supporting the APC POWERNET MIB netvision Socomec Sicon UPS with Netvision Web/SNMP management card/external box pw Powerware devices with ConnectUPS SNMP cards aphel_genesisII Eaton Powerware ePDU Monitored aphel_revelation Eaton Powerware ePDU Managed raritan Various Raritan PDUs baytech Various BayTech PDUs cpqpower HP/Compaq AF401A management card, perhaps others cyberpower Cyberpower RMCARD201. Should also support RMCARD100 (net version), RMCARD202 and RMCARD301 EXTRA ARGUMENTS
This driver supports the following optional settings in the ups.conf(5): mibs=name Set MIB compliance (default=auto, allowed entries: refer to the above SUPPORTED HARDWARE). With "auto", the driver will try a select set of SNMP objects until it finds one that the device responds to. community=name Set community name (default = public). Note that you require a RW community name to change UPS settings (as for a powerdown). snmp_version=version Set SNMP version (default = v1, the other allowed value is v2c) pollfreq=value Set polling frequency in seconds, to reduce network flow (default=30) notransferoids Disable the monitoring of the low and high voltage transfer OIDs in the hardware. This will remove input.transfer.low and input.transfer.high from the list of variables. This should only be used on APCC Symmetra equipment which has strangeness in the three-phase power reporting. secLevel=value Set the securityLevel used for SNMPv3 messages (default=noAuthNoPriv, allowed: authNoPriv,authPriv) secName=value Set the securityName used for authenticated SNMPv3 messages (no default) authPassword=value Set the authentication pass phrase used for authenticated SNMPv3 messages (no default) privPassword=value Set the privacy pass phrase used for encrypted SNMPv3 messages (no default) authProtocol=value Set the authentication protocol (MD5 or SHA) used for authenticated SNMPv3 messages (default=MD5) privProtocol=value Set the privacy protocol (DES or AES) used for encrypted SNMPv3 messages (default=DES) REQUIREMENTS
You will need to install the Net-SNMP package from before building this driver. SNMP v3 also requires OpenSSL support from LIMITATION
Shutdown This driver does not provide a proper upsdrv_shutdown() function. There probably never will be one, since at the time this script should run (near the end of the system halt script), there will be no network capabilities anymore. Probably the only way to shutdown an SNMP UPS is by sending it a shutdown with delay command through upscmd(8) and hope for the best that the system will have finished shutting down before the power is cut. INSTALLATION
This driver is only built if the Net-SNMP development files are present on the system. You can also force it to be built by using "configure --with-snmp=yes" before calling make. IMPLEMENTATION
The hostname of the UPS is specified with the "port" value in ups.conf, i.e.: [snmpv1] driver = snmp-ups port = community = public snmp_version = v1 mibs = ietf pollfreq = 15 desc = "Example SNMP v1 device" [snmpv3] driver = snmp-ups port = mibs = mge secLevel = authPriv secName = mysecurityname authPassword = myauthenticationpassphrase privPassword = myprivatepassphrase desc = "Example SNMP v3 device, with the highest security level" AUTHORS
Arnaud Quette, Dmitry Frolov Sponsored by Eaton and originally by MGE UPS SYSTEMS SEE ALSO
The core driver: nutupsdrv(8) NUT SNMP Protocols Library Available at: Internet resources: The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: Network UPS Tools 05/21/2012 SNMP-UPS(8)
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