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REBOOT(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				REBOOT(8)

     reboot, halt -- stopping and restarting the system

     halt [-lnq]
     reboot [-lnq]

     The halt and reboot utilities flush the file system cache to disk, send all running pro-
     cesses a SIGTERM (and subsequently a SIGKILL) and, respectively, halt or restart the system.
     The action is logged, including entering a shutdown record into the wtmp(5) file.

     The options are as follows:

     -l      The halt or reboot is not logged to the system log.  This option is intended for
	     applications such as shutdown(8), that call reboot or halt and log this themselves.

     -n      The file system cache is not flushed.  This option should probably not be used.

     -q      The system is halted or restarted quickly and ungracefully, and only the flushing of
	     the file system cache is performed (if the -n option is not specified).  This option
	     should probably not be used.

     Normally, the shutdown(8) utility is used when the system needs to be halted or restarted,
     giving users advance warning of their impending doom and cleanly terminating specific pro-

     wtmp(5), shutdown(8), sync(8)

     A reboot utility appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.

BSD					   June 9, 1993 				      BSD
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