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readahead-collector(8) [opendarwin man page]

readahead-collector(8)					      System Manager's Manual					    readahead-collector(8)

readahead-collector - collect list of files used during the boot process SYNOPSIS
readahead-collector [options] DESCRIPTION
readahead-collector is a files list generator for use in readahead(8) based on the files used during the boot process. Note: readahead-collector uses the audit subsystem of the kernel to gather the list of accessed files; for this reason, it is necessary that the kernel is built with the CONFIG_AUDIT and CON- FIG_AUDITSYSCAL options enabled. Stock Debian kernels are built with these options. OPTIONS
-d enable debug mode. -f leave the daemon in the foreground for debugging, output goes to stdout. -h print the usage information. FILES
/etc/readahead.conf SEE ALSO
readahead(8) AUTHORS
Karel Zak <>, This manual page was written by Raphael Geissert <> August 2009 readahead-collector(8)

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readahead(8)                                                  System Manager's Manual                                                 readahead(8)

readahead - file preloader for boot process optimization SYNOPSIS
readahead [options] <file-list> [another-file-list [...]] DESCRIPTION
readahead is a files preloader designed to optimize the disk I/O during the boot process. OPTIONS
-b, --build build optimised files list only, without sorting. -s, --sort build and sort list of files only (implies -b). -o, --output <file> write sorted list of files to file. -d, --dont-sort preload files described by an already sorted files list. -h, --help print the usage information. -v, --verbose enable the verbose mode. -t, --timing report time spent on each operation. -m, --maxsize <max size> maximum size in KiB a file can be in order to be preloaded, default is 10240. <file-list> [another-file-list [...]] One or more files containing the list of files to be preloaded or sorted. The files list can be generated by readahead-collector(8). FILES
/etc/default/readahead-fedora SEE ALSO
readahead-collector(8), readahead(2), AUTHORS
Arjan van de Ven <>, Ziga Mahkovec <>, Karel Zak <>, This manual page was written by Raphael Geissert <> July 2011 readahead(8)
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