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MKEXTUNPACK(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			   MKEXTUNPACK(8)

     mkextunpack -- extracts the contents of a multikext (mkext) archive

     mkextunpack [-v] [-d output_directory] mkext_file

     The mkextunpack program list the contents of a multikext file, mkext_file, or unarchives the
     contents into output_directory (which must exist).  The -v option causes mkextunpack to
     print the name if each kext as it finds them.

     mkextunpack exits with a zero status upon success.  Upon failure, it prints an error message
     and exits with a nonzero status.


     The mkext file format doesn't record the original filenames of the kexts, so mkextunpack has
     to guess at what they are.  It does this by using the value of the CFBundleExecutable prop-
     erty of the kext's info dictionary.  (Project Builder sets this to the base name of the kext
     bundle by default, but the developer can change it.)  If that property doesn't exist, the
     last component of the CFBundleIdentifier is used.	Duplicates have an incrementing index
     appended to the name.  Kexts that have no executable or CFBundleIdentifier are named
     ``NameUnknown-n.kext'', where n is a number.

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