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ISSUE(5)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							  ISSUE(5)

issue - prelogin message and identification file DESCRIPTION
/etc/issue is a text file which contains a message or system identification to be printed before the login prompt. It may contain various @char and char sequences, if supported by the getty-type program employed on the system. FILES
/etc/issue SEE ALSO
motd(5), agetty(8), mingetty(8) COLOPHON
This page is part of release 4.15 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, information about reporting bugs, and the latest version of this page, can be found at Linux 1993-07-24 ISSUE(5)

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MINGETTY(8)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						       MINGETTY(8)

mingetty - minimal getty for consoles SYNOPSIS
mingetty [--noclear] [--nonewline] [--noissue] [--nohangup] [--nohostname] [--long-hostname] [--loginprog=/bin/login] [--nice=10] [--delay=5] [--chdir=/home] [--chroot=/chroot] [--autologin username] [--loginpause] tty DESCRIPTION
mingetty is a minimal getty for use on virtual consoles. Unlike agetty(8), mingetty is not suitable for serial lines. I recommend using mgetty(8) for this purpose. OPTIONS
--noclear Do not clear the screen before prompting for the login name (the screen is normally cleared). --nonewline Do not print a newline before writing out /etc/issue. --noissue Do not output /etc/issue. --nohangup Do not call vhangup() to disable writing to this tty by other applications. --nohostname Do not print the hostname before the login prompt. --long-hostname By default the hostname is only printed until the first dot. With this option enabled, the full text from gethostname() is shown. --loginprog /bin/login Change the login app. --nice 10 Change the priority by calling nice(). --delay 5 Sleep this many seconds after startup of mingetty. --chdir /home Change into this directory before calling the login prog. --chroot /chroot Call chroot() with this directory name. --autologin username Log the specified user automatically in without asking for a login name and password. Check the -f option from /bin/login for this. --loginpause Wait for any key before dropping to the login prompt. Can be combined with --autologin to save memory by lazily spawning shells. ISSUE ESCAPES
mingetty recognizes the following escapes sequences which might be embedded in the /etc/issue file: d insert current day (localtime), l insert line on which mingetty is running, m inserts machine architecture (uname -m), inserts machine's network node hostname (uname -n), o inserts domain name, inserts operating system release (uname -r), insert current time (localtime), s inserts operating system name, u resp. U the current number of users which are currently logged in. U inserts "n users", where as u only inserts "n". v inserts operating system version (uname -v). EXAMPLE
"Linux eos i386 #1 Tue Mar 19 21:54:09 MET 1996" was produced by putting "s m v" into /etc/issue. FILES
/etc/issue, /var/run/utmp. SEE ALSO
mgetty(8), agetty(8). AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 1996 Florian La Roche <>. Man-page written by David Frey <> and Florian La Roche. Debian-Local 6 Apr 1996 MINGETTY(8)
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