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CORE(5) 						      BSD File Formats Manual							   CORE(5)

core -- memory image file format SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> DESCRIPTION
A small number of signals which cause abnormal termination of a process also cause a record of the process's in-core state to be written to disk for later examination by one of the available debuggers. (See sigaction(2).) This memory image is written to a file named by default in the /cores directory; provided the terminated process had write permission in the directory, and the directory existed. The maximum size of a core file is limited by setrlimit(2). Files which would be larger than the limit are not created. The core file consists of the ~ Mach-O(5) header as described in the <mach-o/loader.h> file. The remainder of the core file consists of various sections described in the Mach-O(5) header. NOTE
Core dumps are disabled by default under Darwin/Mac OS X. To re-enable core dumps, a privlaged user must edit /etc/hostconfig to contain the line: COREDUMPS=-YES- SEE ALSO
gdb(1), setrlimit(2), sigaction(2), Mach-O(5), sysctl(8) HISTORY
A core file format appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. BSD
March 18, 2002 BSD

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GCORE(1)						      General Commands Manual							  GCORE(1)

gcore - get core image of running process SYNOPSIS
gcore [-s][-c core] pid DESCRIPTION
gcore creates a core image of each specified process, suitable for use with adb(1). By default the core image is written to the file <pid>.core. The options are: -c Write the core file to the specified file instead of <pid>.core. -s Stop the process while creating the core image and resume it when done. This makes sure that the core dump will be in a consistent state. The process is resumed even if it was already stopped. Of course, you can obtain the same result by manually stopping the process with kill(1). The core image name was changed from core.<pid> to <pid>.core to prevent matching names like core.h and core.c when using programs such as find(1). FILES
<process-id>.core The core image. BUGS
If gcore encounters an error while creating the core image and the -s option was used the process will remain stopped. Swapped out processes and system processes (the swapper) may not be gcore'd. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution April 15, 1994 GCORE(1)
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