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sharetab(4) [opendarwin man page]

sharetab(4)							   File Formats 						       sharetab(4)

sharetab - shared file system table DESCRIPTION
sharetab resides in directory /etc/dfs and contains a table of local resources shared by the share command. Each line of the file consists of the following fields: pathname resource fstype specific_options description where pathname Indicate the path name of the shared resource. resource Indicate the symbolic name by which remote systems can access the resource. fstype Indicate the file system type of the shared resource. specific_options Indicate file-system-type-specific options that were given to the share command when the resource was shared. description Describe the shared resource provided by the system administrator when the resource was shared. SEE ALSO
share(1M) SunOS 5.10 3 Jul 1990 sharetab(4)

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unshare(1M)															       unshare(1M)

unshare - make local resource unavailable for mounting by remote systems SYNOPSIS
FSType] specific_options] [pathname | resourcename] DESCRIPTION
The command makes a shared local resource unavailable as file system type FSType. If the option is omitted, then the first file system type listed in file will be used as the default. Specific_options, as well as the semantics of resourcename, are specific to particular distributed file systems. For example, see share_nfs(1M) for details on options for shared NFS file systems. If pathname or resourcename is not found in the shared information, an error message will be sent to standard error. Options recognizes the following options: Specify the file system type. FILES
file that registers distributed file system packages system record of shared file systems AUTHOR
was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SEE ALSO
share(1M), shareall(1M), fstypes(4), sharetab(4). unshare(1M)
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