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Tcl_SourceRCFile(3)		      Tcl Library Procedures		      Tcl_SourceRCFile(3)


       Tcl_SourceRCFile - source the Tcl rc file

       #include <tcl.h>


       Tcl_Interp   *interp	       (in)	 Tcl interpreter to source rc file into.

       Tcl_SourceRCFile is used to source the Tcl rc file at startup.  It is typically invoked by
       Tcl_Main or Tk_Main.  The name of the file sourced is obtained from  the  global  variable
       tcl_rcFileName in the interpreter given by interp.  If this variable is not defined, or if
       the file it indicates cannot be found, no action is taken.

       On the Macintosh, after sourcing the rc file, this function will additionally  source  the
       TEXT resource indicated by the global variable tcl_rcRsrcName in interp.

       application-specific initialization, main program, rc file

Tcl					       8.3			      Tcl_SourceRCFile(3)
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