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Tcl_PutEnv(3)			      Tcl Library Procedures			    Tcl_PutEnv(3)


       Tcl_PutEnv - procedures to manipulate the environment

       #include <tcl.h>


       CONST char   *string	       (in)	 Info  about  environment  variable  in  the form
						 NAME=value. The string is in native format.

       Tcl_PutEnv sets an environment variable. The information is passed in a single  string  of
       the form NAME=value.  This procedure is intended to be a stand-in for the UNIX putenv sys-
       tem call. All tcl-based applications using putenv should redefine it to Tcl_PutEnv so that
       they will interface properly to the Tcl runtime.

       environment, variable

Tcl					       7.5				    Tcl_PutEnv(3)
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