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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for tcl_newbooleanobj (opendarwin section 3)

Tcl_BooleanObj(3)		      Tcl Library Procedures			Tcl_BooleanObj(3)


       Tcl_NewBooleanObj,  Tcl_SetBooleanObj,  Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj  - manipulate Tcl objects as
       boolean values

       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_SetBooleanObj(objPtr, boolValue)

       Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj(interp, objPtr, boolPtr)

       int	    boolValue (in)	Integer value used to initialize or set a boolean object.
					If  the  integer is nonzero, the boolean object is set to
					1; otherwise the boolean object is set to 0.

       Tcl_Obj	    *objPtr   (in/out)	For Tcl_SetBooleanObj, this points to the  object  to  be
					converted  to  boolean	type.  For Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj,
					this refers to the object from which  to  get  a  boolean
					value;	if  objPtr  does  not  already point to a boolean
					object, an attempt will be made to convert it to one.

       Tcl_Interp   *interp   (in/out)	If an error occurs during conversion, an error message is
					left  in the interpreter's result object unless interp is

       int	    *boolPtr  (out)	Points to place where  Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj  stores  the
					boolean value (0 or 1) obtained from objPtr.

       These  procedures  are  used  to create, modify, and read boolean Tcl objects from C code.
       Tcl_NewBooleanObj and Tcl_SetBooleanObj will create a new object of boolean type or modify
       an  existing object to have boolean type.  Both of these procedures set the object to have
       the boolean value (0 or 1) specified by boolValue; if boolValue is nonzero, the object  is
       set  to	1, otherwise to 0.  Tcl_NewBooleanObj returns a pointer to a newly created object
       with reference count zero.  Both procedures set the object's type to be boolean and assign
       the  boolean  value  to	the  object's internal representation longValue member.  Tcl_Set-
       BooleanObj invalidates any old string representation and, if the object is not  already	a
       boolean object, frees any old internal representation.

       Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj  attempts	to return a boolean value from the Tcl object objPtr.  If
       the object is not already a boolean object, it will attempt to convert it to one.   If  an
       error  occurs  during  conversion, it returns TCL_ERROR and leaves an error message in the
       interpreter's result object  unless  interp  is	NULL.	Otherwise,  Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj
       returns	TCL_OK	and  stores  the  boolean  value in the address given by boolPtr.  If the
       object is not already a boolean object, the conversion will free any old  internal  repre-
       sentation.   Objects  having  a string representation equal to any of 0, false, no, or off
       have a boolean value 0; if the string representation is any of 1, true,	yes,  or  on  the
       boolean	value  is  1.	Any  of  these	string	values may be abbreviated, and upper-case
       spellings are also acceptable.

       Tcl_NewObj, Tcl_DecrRefCount, Tcl_IncrRefCount, Tcl_GetObjResult

       boolean, boolean object, boolean  type,	internal  representation,  object,  object  type,
       string representation

Tcl					       8.0				Tcl_BooleanObj(3)

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