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SSL_set_bio(3)				     OpenSSL				   SSL_set_bio(3)

       SSL_set_bio - connect the SSL object with a BIO

	#include <openssl/ssl.h>

	void SSL_set_bio(SSL *ssl, BIO *rbio, BIO *wbio);

       SSL_set_bio() connects the BIOs rbio and wbio for the read and write operations of the
       TLS/SSL (encrypted) side of ssl.

       The SSL engine inherits the behaviour of rbio and wbio, respectively.  If a BIO is
       non-blocking, the ssl will also have non-blocking behaviour.

       If there was already a BIO connected to ssl, BIO_free() will be called (for both the read-
       ing and writing side, if different).

       SSL_set_bio() cannot fail.

       SSL_get_rbio(3), SSL_connect(3), SSL_accept(3), SSL_shutdown(3), ssl(3), bio(3)

0.9.7d					    2002-04-30				   SSL_set_bio(3)
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