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PAM_START(3)			 Application Programmers' Manual		     PAM_START(3)

       pam_start, pam_end - activating Linux-PAM

       #include <security/pam_appl.h>

       int pam_start(const char *service, const char *user, const struct pam_conv *conv, pam_han-
       dle_t **pamh_p);

       int pam_end(pam_handle_t *pamh, int pam_status);

	      Initialize the Linux-PAM library.  Identifying the application  with  a  particular
	      service  name.   The username can take the value NULL, if not known at the time the
	      interface is initialized.  The conversation structure is passed to the library  via
	      the  conv  argument.   (For a complete description of this and other structures the
	      reader is directed to the more verbose Linux-PAM	application  developers'  guide).
	      Upon  successful	initialization, an opaque pointer-handle for future access to the
	      library is returned through the contents of the pamh_p pointer.

	      Terminate the Linux-PAM library.	The service application associated with the  pamh
	      handle,  is  terminated.	 The argument, pam_status, passes the value most recently
	      returned to the application from the library; it indicates the manner in which  the
	      library  should be shutdown.  Besides carrying a return value, this argument may be
	      logically OR'd with PAM_DATA_SILENT to indicate that the module  should  not  treat
	      the  call  too seriously. It is generally used to indicate that the current closing
	      of the library is in a fork(2)ed process, and that the parent  will  take  care  of
	      cleaning up things that exist outside of the current process space (files etc.).


	      On success, PAM_SUCCESS is returned

       May be translated to text with pam_strerror(3).

       DCE-RFC 86.0, October 1995.

       Note, the PAM_DATA_SILENT flag is pending acceptance with the DCE (as of 1996/12/4).

       None known.

       fork(2), pam_authenticate(3), pam_acct_mgmt(3), pam_open_session(3), and pam_chauthtok(3).

       Also,  see  the	three Linux-PAM Guides, for System administrators, module developers, and
       application developers.

Linux-PAM 0.56				   1997 Feb 15				     PAM_START(3)
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