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dsa_sig_new(3) [opendarwin man page]

DSA_SIG_new(3)							      OpenSSL							    DSA_SIG_new(3)

DSA_SIG_new, DSA_SIG_free - allocate and free DSA signature objects SYNOPSIS
#include <openssl/dsa.h> DSA_SIG *DSA_SIG_new(void); void DSA_SIG_free(DSA_SIG *a); DESCRIPTION
DSA_SIG_new() allocates and initializes a DSA_SIG structure. DSA_SIG_free() frees the DSA_SIG structure and its components. The values are erased before the memory is returned to the system. RETURN VALUES
If the allocation fails, DSA_SIG_new() returns NULL and sets an error code that can be obtained by ERR_get_error(3). Otherwise it returns a pointer to the newly allocated structure. DSA_SIG_free() returns no value. SEE ALSO
dsa(3), ERR_get_error(3), DSA_do_sign(3) HISTORY
DSA_SIG_new() and DSA_SIG_free() were added in OpenSSL 0.9.3. 0.9.7d 2003-11-20 DSA_SIG_new(3)

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DSA_do_sign(3)							      OpenSSL							    DSA_do_sign(3)

DSA_do_sign, DSA_do_verify - raw DSA signature operations SYNOPSIS
#include <openssl/dsa.h> DSA_SIG *DSA_do_sign(const unsigned char *dgst, int dlen, DSA *dsa); int DSA_do_verify(const unsigned char *dgst, int dgst_len, DSA_SIG *sig, DSA *dsa); DESCRIPTION
DSA_do_sign() computes a digital signature on the len byte message digest dgst using the private key dsa and returns it in a newly allocated DSA_SIG structure. DSA_sign_setup(3) may be used to precompute part of the signing operation in case signature generation is time-critical. DSA_do_verify() verifies that the signature sig matches a given message digest dgst of size len. dsa is the signer's public key. RETURN VALUES
DSA_do_sign() returns the signature, NULL on error. DSA_do_verify() returns 1 for a valid signature, 0 for an incorrect signature and -1 on error. The error codes can be obtained by ERR_get_error(3). SEE ALSO
dsa(3), ERR_get_error(3), rand(3), DSA_SIG_new(3), DSA_sign(3) HISTORY
DSA_do_sign() and DSA_do_verify() were added in OpenSSL 0.9.3. 1.0.1e 2013-02-11 DSA_do_sign(3)
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