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d2i_RSAPublicKey(3)			     OpenSSL			      d2i_RSAPublicKey(3)

       d2i_RSAPublicKey, i2d_RSAPublicKey, d2i_RSAPrivateKey, i2d_RSAPrivateKey, d2i_RSA_PUBKEY,
       i2d_RSA_PUBKEY, i2d_Netscape_RSA, d2i_Netscape_RSA - RSA public and private key encoding

	#include <openssl/rsa.h>
	#include <openssl/x509.h>

	RSA * d2i_RSAPublicKey(RSA **a, unsigned char **pp, long length);

	int i2d_RSAPublicKey(RSA *a, unsigned char **pp);

	RSA * d2i_RSA_PUBKEY(RSA **a, unsigned char **pp, long length);

	int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY(RSA *a, unsigned char **pp);

	RSA * d2i_RSAPrivateKey(RSA **a, unsigned char **pp, long length);

	int i2d_RSAPrivateKey(RSA *a, unsigned char **pp);

	int i2d_Netscape_RSA(RSA *a, unsigned char **pp, int (*cb)());

	RSA * d2i_Netscape_RSA(RSA **a, unsigned char **pp, long length, int (*cb)());

       d2i_RSAPublicKey() and i2d_RSAPublicKey() decode and encode a PKCS#1 RSAPublicKey struc-

       d2i_RSA_PUBKEY() and i2d_RSA_PUBKEY() decode and encode an RSA public key using a Subject-
       PublicKeyInfo (certificate public key) structure.

       d2i_RSAPrivateKey(), i2d_RSAPrivateKey() decode and encode a PKCS#1 RSAPrivateKey struc-

       d2i_Netscape_RSA(), i2d_Netscape_RSA() decode and encode an RSA private key in NET format.

       The usage of all of these functions is similar to the d2i_X509() and i2d_X509() described
       in the d2i_X509(3) manual page.

       The RSA structure passed to the private key encoding functions should have all the PKCS#1
       private key components present.

       The data encoded by the private key functions is unencrypted and therefore offers no pri-
       vate key security.

       The NET format functions are present to provide compatibility with certain very old soft-
       ware. This format has some severe security weaknesses and should be avoided if possible.



0.9.7d					    2004-05-17			      d2i_RSAPublicKey(3)
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