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COMPLEX(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						COMPLEX(3)

complex -- complex floating-point functions DESCRIPTION
The following functions are complex floating-point values, as arguments and return values. Some use single-precision complex values and some use double-precision complex values, as indicated. The functions conform to the ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E) standard. The function prototypes can be found in the header file complex.h. To use these functions you must add an additional flag to the link step that produces the executable binary. Specify "-lmx". These are the functions that use single-precision complex values: cabsf() cacosf() cacoshf() cargf() casinf() casinhf() catanf() catanhf() ccosf() ccoshf() cexpf() cimagf() clogf() conjf() cpowf() cprojf() crealf() csinf() csinhf() csqrtf() ctanf() ctanhf() These are the functions that use double-precision complex values: cabs() cacos() cacosh() carg() casin() casinh() catan() catanh() ccos() ccosh() cexp() cimag() clog() conj() cpow() cproj() creal() csin() csinh() csqrt() ctan() ctanh() BSD
August 15, 2003 BSD

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CACOS(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  CACOS(3)

cacos, cacosf, cacosh, cacoshf, casin, casinf casinh, casinhf catan, catanf catanh, catanhf -- complex arc trigonometric and hyperbolic func- tions LIBRARY
Math Library (libm, -lm) SYNOPSIS
#include <complex.h> double complex cacos(double complex z); float complex cacosf(float complex z); double complex cacosh(double complex z); float complex cacoshf(float complex z); double complex casin(double complex z); float complex casinf(float complex z); double complex casinh(double complex z); float complex casinhf(float complex z); double complex catan(double complex z); float complex catanf(float complex z); double complex catanh(double complex z); float complex catanhf(float complex z); DESCRIPTION
The cacos(), casin(), and catan() functions compute the principal value of the inverse cosine, sine, and tangent of the complex number z, respectively. The cacosh(), casinh(), and catanh() functions compute the principal value of the inverse hyperbolic cosine, sine, and tan- gent. The cacosf(), casinf(), catanf() cacoshf(), casinhf(), and catanhf() functions perform the same operations in float precision. There is no universal convention for defining the principal values of these functions. The following table gives the branch cuts, and the corresponding ranges for the return values, adopted by the C language. Function Branch Cut(s) Range cacos (-infinity, -1) U (1, infinity) [0, pi] casin (-infinity, -1) U (1, infinity) [-pi/2, pi/2] catan (-infinity*I, -i) U (I, infinity*I) [-pi/2, pi/2] cacosh (-infinity, 1) [-pi*I, pi*I] casinh (-infinity*I, -i) U (I, infinity*I) [-pi/2*I, pi/2*I] catanh (-infinity, -1) U (1, infinity) [-pi/2*I, pi/2*I] SEE ALSO
ccos(3), ccosh(3), complex(3), cos(3), math(3), sin(3), tan(3) STANDARDS
These functions conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (``ISO C99''). BSD
May 27, 2013 BSD
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