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VM_STAT(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			       VM_STAT(1)

     vm_stat -- show Mach virtual memory statistics

     vm_stat [interval]

     vm_stat displays Mach virtual memory statistics.  If the optional interval is specified,
     then vm_stat will display the statistics every interval seconds.  In this case, each line of
     output displays the change in each statistic (an interval count of 1 displays the values per
     second).  However, the first line of output following each banner displays the system-wide
     totals for each statistic.  The following values are displayed:
     Pages free
	     the total number of free pages in the system.
     Pages active
	     the total number of pages currently in use and pageable.
     Pages inactive
	     the total number of pages on the inactive list.
     Pages wired down
	     the total number of pages wired down.  That is, pages that cannot be paged out.
     Translation faults
	     the number of times the "vm_fault" routine has been called.
     Pages copy-on-write
	     the number of faults that caused a page to be copied (generally caused by copy-on-
	     write faults).
     Pages zero filled
	     the total number of pages that have been zero-filled on demand.
     Pages reactivated
	     the total number of pages that have been moved from the inactive list to the active
	     list (reactivated).
	     the number of requests for pages from a pager (such as the inode pager).
	     the number of pages that have been paged out.

     If interval is not specified, then vm_stat displays all accumulated statistics along with
     the page size and the object cache performance.

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