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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for vers_string (opendarwin section 1)

VERS_STRING(1)			     General Commands Manual			   VERS_STRING(1)

       vers_string - produce version identification string

       vers_string [ -[c | f | l] ] PROGRAM

       Vers_string  outputs  a	string	made up of the SGS version name, the current user's login
       identifier, and the current time and date.  Vers_string may only be  used  within  an  SGS

       The  output  of	vers_string  has  the  following  format: PROGRAM:prog	PROJECT:proj&vers
       DEVELOPER:bob  BUILT:Thu Dec 31 ...  prog is the command line argument PROGRAM,	proj&vers
       is the name of the SGS version root, and bob is the user who built this version.

       If the -c option is used, the output is formed as a C declaration for the global character
       array SGS_VERS.	If the -l option is used, the output is formed like the  -c  option,  but
       "PROGRAM"  is  replaced with "LIBRARY" and the declaration is static.  If the -f option is
       used, the output is simply the program name and suffixed with the current  version  number
       of the SGS version root.

       Vers_string  is	typically  used  within  makefiles  with  a  rule  like:  vers.c: ${OBJS}
	    vers_string -c ${PROGRAM} >vers.c

					   5 July 1987				   VERS_STRING(1)

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