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RCS2LOG(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						RCS2LOG(1)

rcs2log -- RCS to ChangeLog generator SYNOPSIS
rcs2log [-c changelog] [-h hostname] [-i indent] [-l length] [-R] [-r option] [-t tabwidth] [-u login<TAB>fullname<TAB>mailaddr] [-v] [--help] [--version] [file ...] DESCRIPTION
The rcs2log utility generates a change log prefix from RCS files (perhaps in the CVS repository) and the ChangeLog (if any). The options are as follows: -c changelog Output a change log prefix to changelog (default ChangeLog). -h hostname Use hostname in change log entries (default current host). -i indent Indent change log lines by indent spaces (default 8). -l length Try to limit log lines to length characters (default 79). -R If no file(s) are given and RCS is used, recurse through working directory. -r option Pass option to subsidiary log command. -t tabwidth Tab stops are every tabwidth characters (default 8). -u login<TAB>fullname<TAB>mailaddr Assume login has fullname and mailaddr. -v Append RCS revision to file names in log lines. --help Output help. --version Output version number. SEE ALSO
rcs(1), rcsintro(1), rlog(1), rcsfile(5) AUTHORS
Paul Eggert <> BUGS
Report bugs to <>. BSD
February 15, 2003 BSD

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RCSFREEZE(1)						      General Commands Manual						      RCSFREEZE(1)

rcsfreeze - freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS SYNOPSIS
rcsfreeze [name] DESCRIPTION
rcsfreeze assigns a symbolic revision number to a set of RCS files that form a valid configuration. The idea is to run rcsfreeze each time a new version is checked in. A unique symbolic name (C_number, where number is increased each time rcsfreeze is run) is then assigned to the most recent revision of each RCS file of the main trunk. An optional name argument to rcsfreeze gives a symbolic name to the configuration. The unique identifier is still generated and is listed in the log file but it will not appear as part of the symbolic revision name in the actual RCS files. A log message is requested from the user for future reference. The shell script works only on all RCS files at one time. All changed files must be checked in already. Run rcsclean(1) first and see whether any sources remain in the current directory. FILES
RCS/.rcsfreeze.ver version number RCS/.rcsfreeze.log log messages, most recent first AUTHOR
Stephan v. Bechtolsheim SEE ALSO
co(1), rcs(1), rcsclean(1), rlog(1) BUGS
rcsfreeze does not check whether any sources are checked out and modified. Although both source file names and RCS file names are accepted, they are not paired as usual with RCS commands. Error checking is rudimentary. rcsfreeze is just an optional example shell script, and should not be taken too seriously. See CVS for a more complete solution. GNU RCSFREEZE(1)
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