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RAND(1) 				     OpenSSL					  RAND(1)

       rand - generate pseudo-random bytes

       openssl rand [-out file] [-rand file(s)] [-base64] num

       The rand command outputs num pseudo-random bytes after seeding the random number generator
       once.  As in other openssl command line tools, PRNG seeding uses the file $HOME/.rnd or
       .rnd in addition to the files given in the -rand option.  A new $HOME/.rnd or .rnd file
       will be written back if enough seeding was obtained from these sources.

       -out file
	   Write to file instead of standard output.

       -rand file(s)
	   Use specified file or files or EGD socket (see RAND_egd(3)) for seeding the random
	   number generator.  Multiple files can be specified separated by a OS-dependent charac-
	   ter.  The separator is ; for MS-Windows, , for OpenVMS, and : for all others.

	   Perform base64 encoding on the output.


0.9.7d					    2003-11-20					  RAND(1)
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