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psfstriptable(1) [opendarwin man page]

PSFSTRIPTABLE(1)					      General Commands Manual						  PSFSTRIPTABLE(1)

psfstriptable - remove the embedded Unicode character table from a console font SYNOPSIS
psfstriptable fontfile outfile DESCRIPTION
psfstriptable reads a .psf format console font from fontfile, removes the embedded Unicode font table if there is one, and writes the result to outfile. An input file name of "-" denotes standard input, and an output file name of "-" denotes standard output. SEE ALSO
setfont(8), psfaddtable(1), psfgettable(1), psfxtable(1) 25 Oct 1994 PSFSTRIPTABLE(1)

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PSFADDTABLE(1)						      General Commands Manual						    PSFADDTABLE(1)

psfaddtable - add a Unicode character table to a console font SYNOPSIS
psfaddtable fontfile tablefile outfile DESCRIPTION
psfaddtable takes a console font in .psf format given by fontfile and merges it with the Unicode character table given by tablefile to pro- duce a font file with an embedded character table, which is written to outfile. An input file name of "-" denotes standard input, and an output file name of "-" denotes standard output. If the fontfile already contains an embedded character table, it is ignored. TABLE FILE FORMAT
Each line in the tablefile should be either blank, contain a comment (preceded by #), or contain a sequence of numbers in either decimal (default), octal (preceded by 0), or hexadecimal (preceded by 0x) format, separated by spaces or tabs. The first number on each line indi- cates the glyph slot in the font that is being referred to, this is between 0 and 0xff for a 256-character font and 0 and 0x1ff for a 512-character font. Any subsequent numbers on the same line are Unicodes matched by this specific glyph slot. Instead of a single Unicode one may have a sequence of Unicodes separates by commas, to denote that the glyph depicts the corresponding composed symbol. It is permis- sible to have multiple lines for the same glyph. SEE ALSO
setfont(8), psfgettable(1), psfstriptable(1), psfxtable(1) 25 Oct 1994 PSFADDTABLE(1)
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