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PERF(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   PERF(1)

perf - performance analysis tools for Linux SYNOPSIS
perf [--version] [--help] COMMAND [ARGS] DESCRIPTION
Performance counters for Linux are are a new kernel-based subsystem that provide a framework for all things performance analysis. It cov- ers hardware level (CPU/PMU, Performance Monitoring Unit) features and software features (software counters, tracepoints) as well. Each version of the perf tools may depend on new kernel features, so you must install a different version for each kernel version. The perf command will automatically run the correct version for the running kernel version. SEE ALSO
perf_version(1) 4 July 2010 PERF(1)

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PERF-TRACE(1)							    perf Manual 						     PERF-TRACE(1)

perf-trace - strace inspired tool SYNOPSIS
perf trace DESCRIPTION
This command will show the events associated with the target, initially syscalls, but other system events like pagefaults, task lifetime events, scheduling events, etc. Initially this is a live mode only tool, but eventually will work with files like the other tools, allowing a detached record from analysis phases. OPTIONS
-a, --all-cpus System-wide collection from all CPUs. -e, --expr List of events to show, currently only syscall names. Prefixing with ! shows all syscalls but the ones specified. You may need to escape it. -o, --output= Output file name. -p, --pid= Record events on existing process ID (comma separated list). -t, --tid= Record events on existing thread ID (comma separated list). -u, --uid= Record events in threads owned by uid. Name or number. -v, --verbose= Verbosity level. -i, --no-inherit Child tasks do not inherit counters. -m, --mmap-pages= Number of mmap data pages. Must be a power of two. -C, --cpu Collect samples only on the list of CPUs provided. Multiple CPUs can be provided as a comma-separated list with no space: 0,1. Ranges of CPUs are specified with -: 0-2. In per-thread mode with inheritance mode on (default), Events are captured only when the thread executes on the designated CPUs. Default is to monitor all CPUs. --duration: Show only events that had a duration greater than N.M ms. --sched: Accrue thread runtime and provide a summary at the end of the session. -i --input Process events from a given perf data file. SEE ALSO
perf-record(1), perf-script(1) perf 06/30/2014 PERF-TRACE(1)
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