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NIREPORT(1)						      General Commands Manual						       NIREPORT(1)

nireport - print tables from the NetInfo hierarchy SYNOPSIS
nireport [ -t ] domain directory [ property ...] DESCRIPTION
nireport prints a table of values of properties in all subdirectories of the directory given on the command line (see "Examples"). Multi- ple values of a property are printed in a comma-separated list. The domain argument can be specified as an absolute or relative domain name. The domain argument can also be specified as a network address or host name and tag if it is preceded by the -t option. OPTIONS
-t Specify domain as a network address or hostname and tag. EXAMPLES
% nireport /software/duck /users name uid passwd root 0 0NNGzihc9ILeg nobody -2 * agent 1 * daemon 1 * uucp 4 * news 6 * sybase 8 * me 20 DJJ.KMEC.OgIY % nireport -t crow/network /machines name ip_address serves crow ./network,crow/local robin robin/local raven ./network,raven/local duck duck/local AUTHOR
Marc Majka, Apple Computer Inc. Apple Computer, Inc. August 9, 1994 NIREPORT(1)

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NIDOMAIN(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       NIDOMAIN(8)

nidomain - NetInfo domain utility SYNOPSIS
nidomain -l [ hostname ] nidomain -m tag nidomain -d tag nidomain -c tag master/remotetag DESCRIPTION
The nidomain utility is an interface to nibindd(8), to which it sends all of its requests about the domains served on a given machine. It also can be used to create and destroy NetInfo databases. The nidomain utility will allow one to create multiple levels of NetInfo hierarchy, but it is not a particularly easy way to do it. One should use the NetInfo Manager application for setting up multilevel hierarchies. OPTIONS
-l [ hostname ] List the domains by tag served on the given hostname. If hostname is unspecified, the local host is used. -m tag Create a new NetInfo database and server on the local machine for the domain tag of tag. -d tag Destroy the local NetInfo database and server associated with the domain tagged tag. If the database was associated with a clone, the machine's ``serves'' property on the master is NOT modified to reflect the fact that the database has been deleted. -c tag master/remotetag Creates a clone NetInfo database with the domain tagged tag. The database is cloned from the machine master and remote tag remote- tag. The machine's ``serves'' property should be set up prior to running this command to contain the entry "./tag". SEE ALSO
nibindd(8) Apple Computer, Inc. March 23, 1989 NIDOMAIN(8)
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