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NIFIND(1)										NIFIND(1)

       nifind - find a directory in the NetInfo hierarchy

       nifind [ -anvp ] [ -t timeout ] directory [ domain ]

       nifind  searches for the named directory in the NetInfo hierarchy.  It starts at the local
       domain and climbs up through the hierarchy until it reaches the root domain.   Any  occur-
       rences  of directory are reported by directory ID number.  If the optional domain argument
       is given, then nifind stops climbing at that point in the hierarchy.  The domain  argument
       must be specified by an absolute or relative domain name.

       When  invoked  with  the  -a option, nifind searches for the named directory in the entire
       NetInfo hierarchy (or the subtree with domain as the root if domain is  specified).    The
       -n option exempts local domains from the search.

       nifind uses a default two second connection timeout when contacting a domain.  The connec-
       tion timeout can be overridden with the -t option.

       -a     Search for directory in the entire NetInfo hierarchy.

       -n     Exempt local directories from the search.

       -p     Print directory contents.

       -t timeout
	      Specify an integer value as the connection timeout (in seconds).

       -v     Produce verbose output.

       % nifind /printers/inky
       /printers/inky found in /software, id = 202
       /printers/inky found in /, id = 357

       % nifind  -a /machines/mailhost /sales
       /machines/mailhost found in /sales, id = 234

       % nifind -v /users/uid=164
       /users/uid=164 not found in /sales/polaris
       /users/uid=164 not found in /sales
       /users/uid=164 found in /, id = 451

       % nifind -p /machines/mailhost
       /machines/mailhost found in /sales, id=171
       name: zippy mailhost

       /machines/mailhost found in /, id = 350
       name:  zorba mailhost


       Marc Majka, Apple Computer Inc.

       nifind does not complain if domain is not an ancestor specified in a normal search.

Apple Computer, Inc.			  August 9, 1994				NIFIND(1)
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